What is expected in terms of digital transformation for 2020

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What is expected in terms of digital transformation for 2020

This 2020 will definitely be crucial in the field of digital transformation , and it is that every day more companies of all sectors and sizes are forced to compete digitally. On the other hand, traditional business models are being harmed by the entry of new competitors whose core business is to be one hundred percent digital.

That said, digital transformation will no longer be an option, this year it will have to be an urgent necessity. And digital marketing, for example, will be the strategic axis to achieve that desired transformation. Well, we will be driven by data. This will really allow us to get to know our clients much better, to later be able to determine personalized, but, above all, more humane strategies.

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Descriptive and predictive analysis (Data-Driven). It consists of a product marketing aid that primarily seeks to understand the buyer’s journey, from acquisition to retention. Then, Data-Driven marketing helps to identify those customers who could perhaps abandon their shopping cart, and who may coincide with behaviors of other users in immediately previous years. Something that definitely allows you to make better decisions. And it will also allow to carry out focused and personalized strategies.

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It is because of the above that, this year, all companies that want to advance in digital transformation will have the obligation to understand their customers’ needs much better. In addition to using Data-Driven analytical techniques that help improve the lifetime value (value of the customer’s lifetime in the relationship he maintains with the company over time), increase the conversion rate, among others.

Artificial intelligence  Gulf Email List applied to automation. A tool that is currently essential for many companies in the field of personalization. And of course, automation. To give you a much better understanding of what this is about, think of Spotify, Netflix or Amazon, companies that use AI in order to recommend their products or services to their users in a personalized way. But, they also do it to detect the needs of users in real time and thus be able to offer additional products.
In addition, automation in email marketing campaigns and chatbots , for example, will allow companies to interact more quickly and thus speed up the purchase process. But, it will also be crucial when it comes to resolving complaints, claims or assistance.
Search by voice (SEO): It is estimated that this year, 50% of searches will be done by voice. It is because of the above that SEO experts who want to be at the forefront of digital transformation will have to start generating more in-depth keyword studies. In addition, the data will be part of the customer’s understanding. This will help build better titles and content tailored to SEO needs. And not only that, you can gain the expected notoriety when someone says: “Hey Siri” or “Hey Alexa”.
In conclusion, we can say that the data will give us the guideline to be able to generate the appropriate and personalized strategies.

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