What is Fundo and how does this social network work?

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What is Fundo and how does this social network work?

Fundo is the ideal platform for influencers, as it proposes a new way of connecting with the audience. We show you how it works.
Fundo emerged as a Google initiative, giving influencers and content creators the opportunity to share with followers through virtual events in a much more personal way.
It is prudent to include the aforementioned idea that influencers who participate in this platform will be able to monetize the events, presenting the idea as a new opportunity to generate income.
The alternative is interesting,  Marketin gsince if we consider the wide catalog of platforms that have a similar theme, the experience and elements that compose it are different.

With the data previously offered, let’s investigate a little more about the characteristics that Fundo proposes to influencers and users:
What is Fundo?
Fundo is a platform where you can carry out various events and virtual experiences designed especially for influencers and their followers.

The idea proposed by the platform is simple, and it is nothing more than creating unique and interactive live experiences through the various themes and modalities that Fundo offers.

It is worth mentioning that influencers will have the option to monetize these events, thus controlling the price of the ticket, either through a discount or carry it out for free.
How does Fundo work?
The platform is extremely intuitive and easy to understand, both for influencers and followers, since they will simply have to choose the event they want to attend.
Fundo was created as an alternative in which various topics (concerts, workshops, talks…) can be carried out without leaving home, and the best thing is that practically everything can be managed from the same application.

Normally, when influencers decide to create an event in Fundo, they schedule a date, and the application is responsible for sending reminders so that users can attend.

In the end, Fundo has the idea of ​​Oman Phone Number List connecting with people in a different way, creating unique experiences that everyone can enjoy and remember.
Event types in Fundo
Above we commented a bit about the various events that can be programmed in Fundo, but it is now that we will delve into each of them and investigate what can be done in each one:
Meet & Greet
Virtual meetings through Fundo allow you to organize meetings of up to 30 people per video chat, and yes, it is a somewhat small number, but the reason is that the audience will be able to ask for a turn to ask questions of the influencer and interact comfortably with him.

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The idea is interesting, because it allows followers to get to know the influencer in question a little better, giving  Gulf Email List them the opportunity to connect with him in a different and more intimate way.As the name implies, chats are 1-on-1, allowing you to take the interaction to an even more personal level.
In this topic, the influencers carry out an individual chat with each follower within the event, in which they can also take a souvenir photo with a personalized frame.
It should be noted that, in this type of event, users will have to wait their turn to be able to interact with the influencer, so it is important to be patient.
Also known as workshops, they are those in which knowledge or skills are shared with other people.
The influencer shares a screen and answers questions related to the subject being discussed, making it an ideal format for all kinds of classes and specializations (languages, cooking …).
Fundo, influencers, and users
With the above it was demonstrated that Fundo is a different platform to the rest, because the idea proposed re extremely attractive consultation to connect to influencers with users in a much more personal way.

Simply thinking that users can interact live with influencers is an extremely attractive idea and worth exploring.

Despite the fact that the platform is still in testing stages in the United States, the idea that in the future it could be implemented to the rest of the world and allow us to connect in a different way with those we most admire is not ruled out.


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