What is Google Adsense?

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What is Google Adsense?

Surely you have heard a thousand times news of people who earn a lot of money through their blog. And surely, in all cases, you have asked yourself “but, exactly, how do they get it?” Well, in most cases, through this platform. We explain what Google Adsense is and how it is used to improve your income.It is a Google platform that aims for webmasters to earn money with their website. This is achieved thanks to the insertion of online  Marketing advertising that advertisers pay from Google Adwords. Today it has become one of the best known advertising systems in the world. In addition, thanks to him, some webmasters have come to bill really astronomical amounts.
How Google Adsense worksProfits are generated for every click an ad receives or for every thousand impressions it has. We explain each of these formulas in depth so that you better understand what they consist of.

Earn money through clicks: For every click that an ad receives, an income is generated for the webmaster. The exact commission can never be known, since it all depends on the bid of the Adwords advertisers. However, prices usually range between € 0.01 and € 3.
Earn money for every thousand impressions: With this possibility, you can earn money without receiving clicks, only for every thousand impressions. That is, when an ad has been seen a thousand times, the webmaster will receive a commission. The exact price of each pack Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers of a thousand impressions, as in the previous case, cannot be known exactly , as it depends on each specific case.
However, now that you know how much Adsense pays, you must bear in mind that to achieve any of these objectives you need a high number of visits. How to get it? Well, with a combination of several factors, among which the quality of the shared content and the SEO optimization strategy stand out.

Where to place your Adsense  Marketing advertising Now that you know the definition of Google Adsense and what it is for, now we are going to explain, in a summarized way, how you can use it to make money on your website.


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Insert advertising in the sidebar: incorporating banners in this area of ​​the web is one of the most profitable strategies. Even the commission prices go up on this part of the web.
Insert advertising within a post:  Gulf Email List another very profitable alternative, without a doubt. If done correctly, it can go unnoticed by the user and increase clicks exponentially. Of course, remember that the upper part is the one that provides the most economic benefits.
Obviously, advertising can be inserted in other places on the page, such as the side area and the footer. However, these areas are not the most recommended, as they do not generate as many conversions.

Today there is a very interesting alternative to increase clicks and therefore benefits: the official plugin . This tool indicates which are the “hot spots” of the web, which will help the webmaster to earn more money. It is also a way to save time on ad optimization studies.

Rules of use of Google Adsense

It has its own rules and, be warned, it takes them very seriously. In fact, those webmasters who do not follow these guidelines can end up being permanently banned from the platform.

Do not click on advertisements yourself: the platform does not allow the webmaster himself to click on his advertisements under any circumstances. Whoever does it will be expelled.
Don’t encourage clicks on ads – Google likes naturalness. That means that it does not allow the incitement for users to click on the advertisement in any case.
Hide advertising in the texts: many webmasters try to hide the advertising within the text to receive massive clicks. In that case they also run the risk of being expelled, since such practices are not allowed.
Find out if your website is compatible: not all themes are allowed. For this it is important that you read the rules carefully. However, if you have a site focused on violence, viagra, adult content and casinos (the latter is not known exactly, check it out), the account will be canceled immediately.
It is important to note that if a webmaster’s account is canceled, all the benefits acquired will be lost automatically, regardless of the accumulated amount. Therefore, “playing” with the system is not a good option.

Are you already clear about what Google Adsense is and how to use this platform to make your blog profitable? Great. Then the time has come to share this post on networks so that everyone knows that you already control the basics about this option. And it boasts of technical knowledge!

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