What is Google Penguin?

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What is Google Penguin?

Google’s designs … are not inscrutable! In fact, they make all the sense in the world. Today we explain what Google Penguin is , why those from Mountain View decided that this algorithm was needed in their searches and how it has helped all users.
It is an algorithm of the most important search engine in the world whose job is to track illegal behavior in the content of a website. The bad practices with which this algorithm is most  Marketing primed are spam and unnatural links.Google Penguin is the world’s largest search engine algorithm that aims to track illicit behavior by webmasters.
After the arrival of Penguin in April 2012 , awards began to be given to those websites that contained links from quality sites and that did not seem manipulated. Thus, webmasters who had achieved the top positions through linking from numerous poor quality pages, lost their hegemony practically overnight.

Google Penguin algorithm features The main task of Google Penguin is to locate the “unnaturalness” of the actions used for web positioning. Some of these actions are:

Link purchase:
This is one of the most persecuted actions. In the event that the link buying and selling practice has been carried out and Google detects it, there will be an algorithmic penalty. In most cases, this search engine has the ability to locate these practices by itself, but it can also receive notifications from users who report it.Domain redirection:Any website that has more than five own domains pointing to the same site , will be penalized. This is because the offender is demonstrating his attempt to alter your web positioning using techniques that Google considers “illegal”.

Satellite blogs:
They are generally made on Thailand Phone Number List free pages with the intention of directing links to the site that you want to position. In the event that Penguin detects it and considers it to be a practice that alters the naturalness (especially due to the large number of links pointing to the same place), it will penalize it.

Malware on the site:
In the event that a website has malware, it will also be penalized by this algorithm. In addition, Google makes several tools available to users to be able to analyze whether our website is undergoing an attack.

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Spam type content is also penalized by Google Penguin. In fact, techniques black hat SEO as the cloacking or keyword sttufing (among others), are persecuted by the algorithm.Changes in SEO with the  Gulf Email List arrival of Penguin Content becomes king:
In the first place, compared to the pages written solely on the basis of positioning, without any meaning for users, the websites positioned after the Penguin algorithm had a much greater naturalness .  Marketing The information began to be something much more coherent than a list of keywords and it began to provide much more help to surfers.

Consequently, the time has finally come when content was king and lord of the internet. A place where the naturalness and quality of the information began to be rewarded above all else.Massive links are over:
As a result of all the above, the massive generation of links stopped making sense . Now it was the hyperlinks that were passively generated by valuable content that were of real value. Actions such as the incorporation of hidden links or the inclusion of the web in what are known as “link farms” began to be penalized.
Changes in anchor texts:
As for anchor text (the text that contains the link to a website), previously those with a clear pattern and who always had the same keyword were rewarded. Now, if this pattern is detected, it is considered unnatural and penalized.

Meaningful hyperlinks:
Penguin was a huge leap in quality in terms of web content and user experience.
The quality of the links has increased exponentially after the arrival of this algorithm. Thus, it was no longer so important to have a very high number of inbound links. Rather, these, though few, came from places of authority.

By knowing this algorithm you can already appreciate the immense change it made. So much so for webmasters and users of the time. It was a real revolution! Better content, natural links, and a lot less spam to fight.

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