What is Hubspot for: 13 items to review to maximize the use of your account

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What is Hubspot for: 13 items to review to maximize the use of your account

What is HubSpot and types of licenses
Before getting into the subject, you should remember that HubSpot is an all-in-one tool that allows you to implement a complete inbound strategy. Although it started by focusing on the UK Business Phone List section, now you can also work on sales and customer service from the same place.

The tool has four main softwares:

Marketing Hub – The marketing automation software and the heart of HubSpot. With the Marketing Hub you save time and give you the necessary context to deliver a personalized experience that attracts and converts customers on a large scale.
Sales Hub : Friction is the most feared enemy of sales teams. The Sales Hub eliminates it by bringing all the tools and data together in one powerful and easy-to-use platform. So you can focus on what really matters: your customers.
Service Hub : the software specialized in customer service, with everything you need so that you can offer a personalized service 24 hours a day and through different channels.CMS Hub : HubSpot’s content management tool allows you to create your own website and blog , easily and intuitively.
Regardless of the software you have hired, the possibilities are very wide and, therefore, knowing all the tricks is key to get the most out of it.No matter how long you’ve used HubSpot, you always learn something new. In the next section I explain some of the points that I consider key and which are often not paid enough attention when working with the platform, specifically the Marketing Hub . They will help you not only to take advantage of it, but also to work more efficiently. Read on to find out what Hubspot is for.

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Now, we are going to see within the Marketing Hub, the most common license used to work a marketing strategy, what elements we can review, according to different categories.Database:The first element to review are the contact lists , as they will allow you to have an orderly and useful database for future email marketing actions.The HubSpot list tool allows you to create contact or business lists based on property values ​​and other characteristics, including activities.In reference to this functionality, we give you several tips:

Naming the lists: Using a standardized system will allow you to have well-organized lists, which will greatly facilitate your work when looking for specific lists.
Score lists: You can also create lists to keep track of the lifecycle stage of your projects and monitor the activity of your contacts in a more agile way.
List with opted-out: With this type of list you can exclude contacts from your email marketing campaigns, as a security check.
Capture elements
These elements are essential to generate a database, and when you start an inbound marketing strategy it is essential to convert the visits you receive to your content into leads.

Being an all-in-one tool, HubSpot allows you to create all the necessary elements for recruitment from the same platform, so let’s see what these elements are and what best practices we can implement in each case.

CTA’s: A CTA or call to action is a button or link located on our website, through which the user is urged to carry out a specific action. It seeks to attract visitor clicks to convert them to registrations or clients, usually from a form on a landing page. Within HubSpot, we advise you:
Use HubSpot’s own CTA tool. Although you can create CTAs from other tools, if you have HubSpot we recommend that you use this functionality, since it allows you to have more control and to be able to optimize them better.
CTA’s adapted to mobile. Activate SMART CTAs by device. This option allows to improve the usability of the user and consequent conversion.
Do A / B tests. Create different versions to see which one works best. Some recommended variations are: copy, color, use of icons, design.
Landing Pages: A landing page or landing page is the web page to which the person arrives after clicking on a link, portal, banner or advertisement located on another web page on the internet. In order to get the user’s data from their form. To work them right from HubSpot, you must:
Contain the 4 key elements. Title with what is offered, representative image, clear and concise description of what the user is going to obtain and the form to capture the data.
Take into account the arrangement of the elements . All the previous elements have to be visible without the need to scroll a lot. It is recommended that in mobile the form appears above.
Review subsequent action . It is recommended that the landing redirect the user to a Thank-You Page so that they perceive that they have performed the action correctly. It is also recommended that a follow-up email be sent with the confirmation and the requested content.
Do A / B tests. Try different versions of a landing to improve conversion results. Some recommended variations are: layout of elements (form and text), landing text, colors …
Forms: They are the element that allows a user to leave us their data in exchange for making an offer that adds value. In this case, you should check:
The number of fields in the form. The fields you request must be consistent with the value you contribute. The more questions you add, the lower the conversion, but you should also consider the information you need for further nutrition.
If there are fields to identify the buyer person . Do not forget to add that question that will allow you to identify if the user who has filled out the form matches your buyer persona.
Add a privacy policy checkbox. It is essential to confirm that you have activated the checkbox so that you comply with the RGPD.
Use progressive profiling if your license allows it. It is recommended to use the fields as progressive always (except the email) so as not to ask the user for information that we already have and ask him again. In the “Queued progressive fields” section, fields can be added to ask users if the previous ones have not been requested.
Use pop-ups. The use of this type of form will allow you to improve the conversion on certain pages. There are 4 types of forms in HubSpot: pop-up box (recommended for exit intent), drop-down banner, slide-in box left, slide-in box right.
Thank-You Page: A thank-you page or thank you page is one to which a person is redirected after submitting a form with information. In this case, you should not forget:
Insert the download button of the guide. In this way, the user will be able to access the requested content from the same page.
Add another offer with a more advanced form. This way you facilitate the user’s progress through the funnel and encourage the final contact.
Automation and nutrition
Once you have captured the contacts and they are part of our database, it is time to nurture them to accompany them throughout the purchase process until the final transaction, offering the right content at the right time.Items to audit in HubSpot related to this topic are:

Emails: to check if you are getting the most out of your emails, you should look at:
The correct organization in HubSpot. It is recommended to organize the emails with a predefined nomenclature to have a better organization of these and thus make them easier to locate. Some organization ideas are: by buyer persona, by functionality, by lifecycle stage …
The email metrics. HubSpot gives a lot of data about the operation of emails, so it is important to pay special attention to the following metrics: Open Rate (related to the subject and preview of the message), CTR, hard bounce (number of emails that could not be sent permanently) and soft bounce (number of emails that could not be sent temporarily).
Workflows: the workflows tool automates the marketing, sales and service processes, whether they are internal or external processes. We are mainly talking about automating email campaigns and lead nurturing. For this, it is important to take into account:

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Establish a “Goal” for the workflow: This will allow you to know the efficiency of the automated actions through that workflow, seeing how many of the users have reached the goal.
Set shipping hours: HubSpot gives you the option to ship by time zone, or days of the week. Make sure you use this functionality to improve your open rate and engagement.
Lead scoring and lead nurturing: lead nurturing is the marketing automation technique that allows creating these email chains to nurture the user, and lead scoring is the segmentation that we make of the database based on its properties and engagement with the brand, so that they enter a lead nurturing or another. If you have these strategies enabled in HubSpot, make sure that:
You have the lead scoring properties well configured. It is recommended to configure the lifecycle stage through properties to be able to detect in which phase of the funnel our contacts areYou have correctly activated lead nurturing. This strategy will allow you to nurture Gulf Email List your contacts in order to help them advance in the phases of the purchase process through email automation.
So far we have seen the main features of HubSpot, but the reality is that it has many more. So if you want to get the most out of it, we recommend that you use the following tools :.

Use of Chatbots. HubSpot has a free option to create chatbots to allow visitors to ask questions and receive answers in a very natural way, as if they were chatting with someone else. It is an increasingly used technique, so I recommend you try the chatbot and follow the optimizations so that the conversations are as natural as possible.
Use of campaigns. HubSpot allows you to assign campaigns to all the elements that you create in the tool. Therefore, I recommend that you configure the campaigns for the different actions that you carry out, so that you can have a better global vision and more in-depth analyzes.
Organization of the File Manager. Organize the files that you store in the tool by folders and with an established nomenclature to identify them as quickly and effectively as possible.
Social networks configured and use of Ads. HubSpot also allows you to integrate your social networks into the tool, so you will have greater visibility of its impact and the global impact on your strategy as a whole, apart from being able to implement much more personalized actions.
Use of reports: the reports section of HubSpot is not used many times, but it is really very useful to do so. Set up a dashboard with the reports that interest you the most to be able to access the most relevant data in a faster and more personalized way.
While it is true that all these tips can help you get more out of your HubSpot account when working on your marketing strategy, I also consider it very important to have a professional who knows the tool in depth .

From IEBS, we encourage you to do a pilot test of Hubspot , a free audit with which you can get more out of your HubSpot account. You sign up?

And if you like Marketing and make your clients fall in love, don’t miss the Master in Inbound Marketing where you will learn about automation, smarketing, social media ads, lead nurturing or sales enablement .

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