What is keyword stuffing?

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What is keyword stuffing?

When you stagnate, the world keeps spinning and running over you. That is what happens with those who, even knowing perfectly what keyword stuffing is , continue to apply it because it Marketing  is what worked for them years ago. Renewed or die! We explain what this technique consists of so that you never apply it again.
The keyword stuffing is a technique black hat SEO sobreoptimizar consisting of a web content using a keyword too intended to improve their positioning. This is because until 2012 search engines did not have the necessary algorithms to assess the natural language of users.
The keyword stuffing is based on sobreoptimizar un site with a keyword for (supposedly) improve SEO positioning.
Consequently, Google, Bing or Yahoo! they positioned the webs based on the amount of keywords that the text had, which led to the proliferation of techniques of this style.

In those years, a huge number of webmasters made a lot of money with these techniques , since they helped position.

Aftermath: Panda and Penguin This operation of the search engines was to the detriment of users , because, instead of finding the information they were looking for, they were faced with a cluster of meaningless keywords. In this way, you could find texts like the following on the internet:

“Do you want to save money? Albania Phone Number List To save money visit our information section, so you will know how to save money. And if you need more data to save money, visit our section on how to save money fast. ”

Does this paragraph in the purest keyword stuffing style seem normal to you? Because to us, as real people who read texts, it seems like a real… crap. That is why Google (the largest search engine in the world) came to the conclusion that, taking into account that they offered a service to Internet surfers and not to companies, it was going to improve their experience .

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To achieve this, they carried out a major change in their algorithms, which began to reward websites that had a relatively normal number of keywords . In this way, the pages that had content that Gulf Email List was really of interest to people were rewarded with good positions in the search engine. These new algorithmic regulations became known as Google Panda and Google Penguin . Without a doubt, they became two new models that completely changed the way of working on positioning.

Although if you over-optimize a Marketing  website with a keyword, search engines will most likely penalize you (and a lot), it is true that they continue to take into account that the search term appears in the text. At least a minimal percentage of times.

The important thing is to place the keyword in the right places, those where Google will search for them: the headings (some bold, the metadata, … But always rewarding fluent reading before robot-like language.
However, what black hat SEO lovers seem to fail to understand is that search engines like Google are already capable of understanding synonyms and related words in the content. Thus, in the same text the same word should not be repeated 40 times, but the subject can be discussed in a natural way.

It is important to incorporate the keyword in strategic places (headings, metadata …), but not in an exorbitant way within the content.
By adding keyword stuffing techniques, the only thing that some webmasters achieve is to show that they have not been renewed in less than a decade and that they do not care much about being penalized.

Positioning using what is known as white hat SEO takes a little longer, but the results are firmer and more durable . Also, the user experience is infinitely better, don’t you think?

By now we assume that you have already understood what keyword stuffing is and why you should not apply it. In short and simple accounts, it is bad for your website. Share this article on networks so that none of your friends will be clever and mess it up on their page.

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