What is lead nutrition and how to benefit from this technique

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What is lead nutrition and how to benefit from this technique

And exactly to stimulate the interest of that contact who already made a first interaction and to guide them more smoothly towards the next stage of the sales funnel , is that some companies are investing in lead nutrition campaigns with the goal of driving sales.What is lead nutrition and why invest in it?
The technique consists of sending, in an automated way, a sequence of emails with related content to which the user showed interest a few days before. The strategy still has a timid use in Latin America, but we have already been using it in RD Station with several of our clients, with excellent results.
The benefits are visible: Surveys show that investing in nutrition campaigns can increase a company’s sales amount by 50% from online contacts. That’s at a 33% lower cost than acquiring new contacts, according to Forrester Research data. In other words, in addition to increasing opportunities and conversions, the cost of customer acquisition is lowered.
The role of nutrition and the reason for using it is that it leaves leads more ready to advance to the next phase of the sales funnel. With this resource, they mature the purchase intention while receiving information pertinent to each of the stages: Learning, Recognition of the Problem, Consideration of the Solution and Evaluation and Purchase.
In this way, the salesperson does not waste his time in approaching contacts who are not yet ready for it. It only gets involved when the Leads are really further ahead in the process and thus they can be more proactive in serving the most advanced clients and, at the same time, they do not stop profiting on clients with a little less interest, acting only as a “prompter of orders ”, without a great effort in the attention. The image below visually explains that ripening process:

The Benefits of Using a Leads Nutrition Campaign
Ease and time savings for professionals
As the process is automated – the emails are pre-written and included in the system so that they are sent periodically to Leads with the same profile – it does not require the direct participation of the telephone listings australia and sales teams in sending content suggestions for Leads to access. That saves the professionals time and makes the whole process cheaper.
Send segmented and relevant emails
The fact that the sending is automated does not mean that the messages have to be generic. The emails are extremely segmented – the content has to do with what the user has downloaded on the site and the material is relevant for the moment, since the first message is usually sent one day after the user downloaded content related on the company site. Which means that you are still attentive to the subject. This greater precision in the content ends up guaranteeing better results in the engagement.
An investigation by specialist Dan Zarella evaluated that the click-through rate goes up considerably: it goes from 3% in a normal campaign and goes to 8% in a Leads nutrition campaign.
Establish follow-up in an organized and disciplined way.
The seller will not have to worry about remembering to send emails to keep in touch with those leads throughout the days. Automated shipping will play this role very well and prevent possible failures due to lack of time or forgetfulness of the professional.
Generate more opportunities.


Once the campaign occurs only once for a certain group of Leads with the relevant profile, the automatic sending allows those people to have close contact with the company for several days. The result, as we have already said, is that gulf email list the strategy ends up generating opportunities in greater volume for the sales team. It bears repeating: with a well-done campaign, it is possible to increase a company’s sales volume by 50%.
Generate more qualified opportunities
As the content sent has the objective of clarifying some topics of interest to the Lead and bringing it closer to the company, the result is that the strategy ends up generating more clever Leads, because they end up becoming well informed about problems that the company’s products and services help to solve and with the idea of ​​the more mature purchase. That way, it becomes much easier to sell to those customers.

Best and Biggest Sales
According to Annuitas Group, Leads that were nurtured generate 47% higher sales than Leads that were not. As they have more information about the advantages and how the product or service works, the potential customer clearly sees the benefits of the purchase and ends up acquiring more complete packages of the product or service version.Ability to analyze the results and adjust the process
By running a nutrition campaign, it is possible to have full control over the results. Your company can measure what type of email has a bad conversion and reformulate the message or change the sequence of emails to obtain better results.How to Run a Leads Nutrition Campaign
First, identify the content that your company already has (publications, eBooks, presentations, webinars, etc.) and how it can be leveraged in that process. The ideal is to think carefully about the emails and the sequence with which they will be sent from a specific offer that your company wants to disseminate.
Check the points that must be planned so that the campaign is well armed:
Make a list of main objectives of the campaign
What offer, event or content do you intend to promote?
Determine who the buyer persona is
What is the customer profile of each campaign? What is your position? What materials did you download on the site?Point out what the trigger event is
What content should the buyer person (potential client) have downloaded to show interest in the software in questionDefine which offers will be sent at each stage
That is the moment to define what content your company has already produced that is interesting to attract the attention of the Lead in each of the stages:
Learning – Suggestion reading introductory eBooks on the subject are a good option;
Problem Recognition – deeper content that leads to noticing errors and discovering opportunities, such as checklists and evaluation tools;Solution consideration – case studies, free diagnostics, solution assembly guides;Evaluation and purchase – quotes, comparative with competitors, free trial.
Evaluate the duration of the campaign and the interval between messages
Imagine that if the total sales cycle time for your product is 15 days, the ideal is to schedule the campaign to be 10 days long, for example. That way, you can send 5 emails in total, sending them every other dayWrite the body of the emailConsidering the logical sequence, it is interesting to mention some aspects of the previous email and show that the content is deepened with each message.Create the messages in the systemAfter assembling the framework of the campaign and the content, it is time to push the messages into the system. In RD Station , email messages can be created by accessing the following options in the menu: Relate-> Email.Take a look at one of the emails from our nutrition campaigns:


Ride the nutrition flow
After creating each message, you must create a nutrition campaign and identify the order in which they are sent. Using RD Station to create a nutrition campaign, go to Relate-> Marketing AutomationThat’s a more basic way to start sending nutrition campaigns to your clients. The process progresses as you manage to identify the various stages of the Leads within the purchasing process and, according to the interest (downloaded content), define different campaigns to shoot for each group.How to move forward in the buying process?
The buying process , or buying journey, is the path that we usually go through until we reach a purchase decision .A potential RD client, for example, can start their process by becoming interested in learning more about Digital Marketing and sales. This is the Discovery and Learning phase . This potential client can do a search on the internet and come to one of our articles on the blog. There he has contact with content such as Internet Advertising: what you need to know .
From then on, he may be interested in a more complete material in the eBook or webinar format, and as he goes on to understand more about the subject, he may realize that he is losing opportunities by not investing in Inbound Marketing , that is, , makes a Problem Recognition and begins to look for alternatives that help him in the management of the activities.As he has already been studying the contents of RD, it is natural for him to consider our tool, RD Station Marketing , as a Solution , mainly after contact with the testimonials and success stories of our clients.
In case this potential client has the opportunity to find the necessary information to remove all the doubts involved in this process, he will possibly make the Purchase Decision .

These are the main stages of the purchase process that can be translated to you through an e-mail nutrition flow. Learn more about how to create content based on your personal purchase process .
Example of a Nutrition Flow based on the stages of the purchase process
After having created rich content available for download by converting into a Landing Page, and having created a segmentation to engage by email with the appropriate Leads, it is time to write the emails that will be part of the flow, as we present to you. continuation:E-mail 1) Discovery and Learning : This is the time to introduce yourself, thank the interest in the material that the Lead requested to download, say that you hope the material will help you better understand a certain issue. Close the conversation by explaining that the Lead will soon receive more information that will help him deepen his knowledge. You can include a CTA that leads to the subscription of a Newsletter or to follow you on Social Networks.E-mail 2) Acknowledgment of the problem : Contextualize the Lead briefly about the previous message (“Now that you read the e-book X and understood how…), it is important to show the problem that the Lead faces (after all, since they asked download your material, it is because he wants to better understand some matter for which he needs help). “Do you want access to more content like this?” Include a CTA for a new Landing Page with a rich content offer, or to another blog post.

E-mail 3) Consideration of the solution : Now is the time to show that you have the ideal solution to solve the problem of the Lead through the testimonials or the success stories of your clients. Include a CTA to a landing page requesting the Lead’s phone number or site page like “I want to talk to an expert”, “Try now!”, “Talk to a consultant”, “Try the software for 30 days” etc.E-mail 4) Decision : Present the benefits of having your services or solutions. A good way to get the Lead’s attention is to highlight competitive spreads on topics. Include at the end a CTA that leads to the Landing Page requesting the Lead’s phone number or to the offer on the site.ecommendationsWait at least 5 days between sending one email and another , so you avoid annoying Leads with too many emails and increase the chances of obtaining good open rates. Thus, the importance of contextualizing the Leads in the first contact to avoid unsubscribing from the list or detection as spam.
Ideally, run the nutrition flow through marketing automation . In this way, it can be defined that if the CTAs of emails 3 and 4 are clicked, the Lead is marked as an Opportunity and can be routed to the sales team.
You may be thinking: That way, a lot less leads are going to be routed to the commercial team! And this is true. But if your sales team is aligned with your Digital Marketing strategy, through a consultative sales approach, there will be great chances that the conversion rate of opportunities into real sales will increase.

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