What is Link Juice?

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What is Link Juice?

Imagine that a major newspaper talks about you. It’s not the same as if your town’s radio does it, right? In the first case, the newspaper gives you great relevance, while in the second, less. Well, roughly, you already know what link juice is . We will explain it to you in more detail and applied to the online medium in the next few lines.
The link juice is the SEO technique that is applied to transfer authority to different URLs through internal links . So when asite incorporates a link, in the face of search engines it is transmitting part of its relevance. That is, you are implying that the web to which the link points is important enough to name and link to.

The link juice  Turkey Phone Number List is the authority that is transferred from one website to another with a link.
Sharing what in Spanish we could translate as “link juice” is one of the most used techniques in SEO to help other websites (and our own, we will see later) to gain repercussion in search engines.

The authority of the page is measured based on the page rank , which is higher or lower depending on different factors that search engines value. In other words, it is the possibility, measured in a numerical value from 0 to 10, that a website has to position itself.


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When you get a link from a site that has a high page rank , your page gains part of its link juice . That is, that  Gulf Email List website will share part of its relevance with you. But that site loses absolutely nothing of its authority when it shares it with you, in the same way that, if a newspaper talks about you, it gives you value without taking it from itself.

Each page has a certain “juice” to share between the hyperlinks that it has in a certain URL. For example, if a website has a 6 page rank to share and has 2 links, it distributes half of its authority to each one, 3 and 3.

We must bear in Marketing  mind that a page does not divide 100% of its page rank among its links . There is approximately 15% of that authority that does not intervene in any way in the subsequent distribution of the “juice”.

For this reason it is so important to have inbound links from highly relevant sites. Well, they will share it with you, yours will increase and, consequently, your search engine positioning will improve. As we will see below, then you can in turn distribute that “juice” of the link as best suits you.

Tips for dispensing link juice Good news: the “juice” of your website can not only be distributed among external links to other sites , but you can also do it through internal linking! That way you can have control of the authority that each of your URLs will have . From this premise, try:
Make a good deal:The home page is, most of the time, the most relevant page, since it usually has more inbound links. Try to distribute it among the URLs that interest you the most within your website through a good link. But keep in mind that the more links you add, the less “juice” there will be for each of them.

Feedback your website:
To take advantage of the link juice of your website, distribute it among different URLs, especially on the home page.
Another option that you should consider is to redirect the “juice” from the rest of the URLs back to your home so that authority is transferred reciprocally. In this way your home page will get a higher page rank.

Get quality links:
Through link building strategies you can achieve an improvement in your authority by earning part of the link juice of the pages from which you link. They try to be of the highest quality and content related to your theme. It will be great for SEO!

Page rank , SEO positioning, link building … We have covered many topics in this post about what is link juice , right? We hope that, instead of making a mess, you at least leave with the idea that the concept is based on sharing the authority of a site . If not, if you still have a thousand doubts and prefer to leave this whole issue in the hands of professionals, no problem. Give us a whistle !

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