What is mailing?

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What is mailing?

Do you have email? Then surely you know, at least roughly, what mailing is . Have you ever received an email from a blog to which you are subscribed or an offer from an online store where you have ever bought? Well that. We are going to expand this brief information so that you know, 100%, what this strategy consists of.
As a first approximation to understand what email marketing is, we will say that it is a strategy to attract customers and obtain sales through emails . For this, it is essential to send relevant information to the user, content that interests him and has value for him.

To carry out these strategies, inbound Armenia Cell Phone Numbers actions must first be applied to get the user to provide their address. That is, you have to seduce the user with content that is attractive to him . In this way, you will want to know more about the company, you will have a good predisposition towards it and you will be attentive to the information that it sends to your email (be it blog post, offers, promotions, …).

Thus, that is, by convincing the user, an effective and positive campaign can be carried out for both parties. The potential client wins by obtaining information that interests them, while the company makes its products or services known in a less intrusive and more natural way.

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Email marketing vs spam Many people tend to confuse mailing with spam. Nothing is further from reality. Below you can see the key points where both strategies are different:
Emails received under Gulf Email List  the acceptance of the owner of the mail.
Provide exclusive and relevant information.
There is an opportunity to cancel the subscription.
The language of the email is based on the preferences that the user has chosen.

They are emails sent without the consent of the owner of the email.
Contains abusive messages.
Irrelevant information for the user.
Emails in English or another language not required.
Many contain viruses , Trojans, and malware.
As you can see, both concepts are totally different. One helps the potential customer, another sends irrelevant (or even harmful) messages. The first generates a personal treatment, an increase in interest and an increase in online sales; the second creates discomfort in the person, a feeling of abuse and disaffection. In short, they are by no means the same type of strategy.

Although an email can be sent to many recipients from a traditional manager, this can be confused with spam, so we strongly advise you not to use it (ever) for this type of action. Confirm that you have understood the definition of mailing using a good specialized manager.

These tools not only offer you an infinite number of templates that will be much more attractive to users, but will also allow you to segment the recipients . That is, you can create an email chain for people who have made only one purchase on your website, another for those who have left items in the cart, etc, etc.

In this way, you can generate personalized content according to the point of the purchase process where the person is. This way the content will be more relevant to her and more effective in terms of the results of your company.

Finally, we advise you to carry out A / B tests to find out what type of message is most popular with your audience and (of course!) Analyze the results of all your campaigns. In this way, you will always be in time to make the changes you deem necessary to improve clicks or open percentage.

Now that you know what mailing is, do you know what the next step is? Carry out yours, of course. Remember that if you need help, you just have to whistle the Marketing Paradise team.

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