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The revitalization or daily management of a company’s profile on Facebook is the basis from which to work its presence in this Social Network. Said  greece phone number dynamisation must be directed and drawn up by a Community Manager and based on the criteria and strategic lines that have been previously marked, before having started the corporate presence in the Social Network.But dynamisation is only one of the two variables that affect the success of a good presence on Facebook, the other variable must take into account the size of the community and its qualityIf we establish a hypothetical percentage of more or less active users of a community (say 10%), that is, those who usually share, comment, or mark the “like” and this is considered a stable variable, it is logical to think that The more fans a community has, with the same percentage of active users, the greater the global number of users who interact and the possibilities of viralization will multiply .

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Practical exampleTherefore, one of the priority objectives of any presence on Facebook should be to obtain the more critical mass of fans the better. But not just any fan, we are interested in fans who are active, participatory, who gulf email list  are really interested in what our page offers (qualified fans), who are also potential interested in our products or services.How to get these fans on Facebook? The best way is to run an advertising campaign through Facebook Adds , where you can segment what type of users you want to impact, so its quality will be as good as the segmentation that has been carried out is good.
At Mediaclick ( online marketing agency ) we have started Facebook projects from scratch and with a minimum investment in Facebook Adds (of no more than € 150 per month), creating a community of more than 10,000 fans in less than a year. This fact already makes it possible for each entry to have an average viral impact of more than 2,000 users.
As has become clear, the size and quality of the community is essential, but without good dynamization, aimed at clear objectives and generating content of interest, the positive effects for the company of having a large community will be minimal.Dynamization should pursue 4 sub-objectives:

– Brand positioning: If the company wants to be associated with a special concept, it must generate entries that deal directly or indirectly with that concept, in this way, the brand positioning can be worked on The sale: Like any marketing action, having a presence on Facebook has the final objective of selling, but this should not be raised in a direct and aggressive way, but in more subtle ways, enabling sales spaces on the page, informing some specific offer, etc- The service: In some cases, enabling a presence on Facebook can be an opportunity to expand customer service, publishing information of interest directly and “on time” or simply to answer questions from consumers or potential customers.- Viralization : One of the great attractions of Social Networks and especially Facebook, is the possibility that your fans share the content that has been published on your Facebook and, in this way, make it possible for other people to meet (your fans’ friends).Achieving these goals or not will depend on the skill, knowledge and experience of the Community Manager working on the profile, but also on the amount of critical mass of fans that your profile has on Facebook.
The answer to the question we posed at the beginning of the post is that both elements are necessary but not sufficient.

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