What is remarketing?

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What is remarketing?

Have you ever been chased by shoes on different websites that you almost bought in an e-commerce ? Well, you know, in short, what remarketing is. We give you more details about this strategy and how you can use it in your own online store. Take note! Remarketing is a strategy to send the user personalized advertisements about the products, services or contents of a website in which they have previously been interested.
It is a technique for creating personalized ad campaigns through a search engine’s display network. These ads are focused on users who have previously been to a site and have been interested in its products or content.

It is about filtering the users who enter your website , segmenting them according to the products they have seen and, later, through a display campaign, showing them a certain ad . The latter are generally created in the form of a banner.
Go ahead, if you already know us, you will know that banners do not suit us much. We condemn them whenever we can and it is not a Bahrain Phone Number List tactic we would give a penny for . But, as in any rule, there is always an exception. In this case, it’s about remarketing.
How to do remarketing?
Actually, the idea is very simple. So much so that we can summarize it in just 3 steps:

The user comes to the web and browses the content of the online store , taking an interest in some products.

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The person is marked with a cookie (previously accepted, according to current regulations) and has been automatically incorporated into a remarketing list.
Specific ads will appear to the user when browsing the display network or search ads.
With these three steps, you  Gulf Email List have surely already understood what remarketing campaigns are like. In fact, you have probably also guessed that it is one of the most successful online strategies for e-commerce , since it is aimed at people who have already been interested in the products.

Different types of remarketing
Depending on the way in which users are captured, as well as the ad format that is shown to them afterwards, we can distinguish between different examples of remarketing . We explain them to you so that later you can identify them and take advantage of the virtues of each one of them.

Standard: so to speak, it is the classic formula. After visiting a website, the user is shown advertisements for it on other pages that belong to the display network. In the case of Google, the largest search engine in the world, its network incorporates more than two million sites , so it is very easy to display ads.
Dynamic remarketing : this is a technique very similar to the previous one. But with the extra that the ads allude to the specific products, services or content in which the person was interested.
For apps: it is the same strategy. But in this case the ads appear on mobile device applications , not on websites.
For the search network: they are personalized ads in the same way as the previous ones but that appear in the search results associated with the product or service on the web.
Video remarketing: when interacting with a YouTube video (or other audiovisual content pages), the user can also be captured. Later, the ads can be shown both on the same platform and on websites and apps.
Distribution list: this is the traditional email marketing sent to a list of subscribers segmented by interests. Although due to the actions carried out on the web (abandoned carts, interests, etc.).
Advantages of doing remarketing campaigns
Create highly personalized ads based on user interests.
It acts at the moment in which the person is thinking of buying.
Ads can appear on more than two million sites.
Are you already thinking about how to take advantage of your new knowledge about what remarketing is? Normal, it is a very juicy online strategy. However, we can’t help but give you one last piece of advice: don’t overdo it. That is, make your ad appear a maximum of 3 times to the user. If the product he saw on your website haunts him all his digital life, he will end up really tired of your page and will not have any desire to access it again.

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