What is SEO?

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What is SEO?

First search results, web positioning, keywords … Do all these terms sound familiar to you? Then surely you already have basic notions about what SEO (Search Engine Optimization, for its acronym in English) is. But to consolidate them, we are going to see their meaning in greater depth . Go for it! We can understand this concept as a strategy to obtain greater organic visibility (that is, without prior payment) in search engines. All this Bangladesh Phone Number List  with the aim of getting more customers, impact, improve personal brand, etc … What does this mean? Well, applying a series of techniques, every webmaster will try to make his page appear in the first results when the user incorporates a specific search term.

That is to say. If, for example, a person has a florist in the center of Logroño, he will do everything possible so that his page appears first when a person enters the term “floristería Logroño centro” in the search engine. Thus, you make sure you are giving the potential customer the information they need at that time. And perhaps, creating a new buyer.

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Why is web positioning important?Let’s start from a fundamental premise: a search engine is not a human being. Consequently, people have to make it clear and quick to understand that the content on a web page is what the user is looking for. Because Google doesn’t read like a person. No sir. L ee as the finder it is. So it is looking for only the terms that interest you , which are just the ones that the user uses.

If a page manages to make  Google understand (we are talking about this search engine because it is the largest  Gulf Email List in the world, although there are also others such as Yahoo! or Bing) that it has content that interests the user, it will be positioned higher. And consequently, you will have more visits.

Factors that influence the positioning of a site

Perhaps, according to the definition of SEO that we have given you so far, you might think that search engines only rely on the number of keywords they find on a site to position it. Not much less. In the beginning, it was like that. What resulted in the proliferation of a lot of pages without relevant content for the user, with incomprehensible (and useless) texts full of search terms.

But for some years, things have changed. Now parameters such as the time that users remain on the page or the number of interactions they make when they are inside it are taken into account . The links that lead to that page are also analyzed. This means that your content is interesting to content creators on other pages.

In short, today we can say that there are two key factors that determine whether or not a content is worthy of appearing in the top positions of the search engine: authority Database  and relevance (the quality of the content on based on a specific search term).

To achieve both aspects, the meaning of real SEO leads us to take two different types of actions:

On-page : this is a series of techniques used within a page to improve search engine visibility. For this, the h1, h2 and h3 tags are used, synonyms of the main keyword in the content, the optimization of the images, the incorporation of metadata, etc.
Off-page: it is basically about generating links that point to the web that we want to optimize. In this way, the search engine understands that your content is relevant to other people. In this area, aspects such as link building, backlinks or sharing content on social networks is essential to increase Google’s interest in the page.
Organic positioning strategies Like everything in life, the definition of positioning gives us a margin of maneuver to interpret what search engines want to find on a site. That is, there are small loopholes and regulatory gaps that result in some webmasters not carrying out 100% legal techniques to achieve their objectives.

These “illegal” and unethical maneuvers are called Black Hat SEO and are increasingly penalized by search engines. However, as long as small loopholes remain, cheaters will find them. It is a strategy with a high risk, with a short-term vision and with little value for the end user.

On the other hand, what is known as White Hat SEO is based on actions that follow the rules of search engines and (most importantly) generate real interest in the user. This second strategy takes more work, effort and time, of course. But finally the results are better. Both for the owner of the website and for the person who browses it.

There is an intermediate formula, the Gray Hat SEO , an intermediate point between the White Hat and the Black Hat. In fact, it is the formula that most webmasters use. Well, if applied correctly, it is difficult to be detected.

Easy? Maybe not. Nobody said that fully understanding SEO is easy. At least, we hope that the key concepts have been clear to you, that you have gotten a more or less precise idea of ​​what it is about. And if what you want is more information about marketing terms, you are in your little paradise! Subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you up to date with everything.

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