What is storytelling: keys and secrets (+ examples)

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What is storytelling: keys and secrets (+ examples)


I remember my mother making up stories as crazy as that of a miniature Martian who went to look for a child (Obviously I was the child) and shrunk it to invite him to ride the world in her mini-spaceship.Why do I remember that?
Very simple, because the stories have that magic of the story that makes us imagine, feel and even dream.
STORIES CONNECT US EMOTIONALLY.The human being is programmed to listen to stories, get excited about them and thus connect.For this reason, storytelling is something magical when a brand or company uses it efficiently in its communications.So as a dermatologist would say … Let’s get to the pointTable of contents [ Show What is storytelling?
Definitions there are many, but my favorite is the simplest of all:
Ready, that simple.
What’s more, there is a phrase by Maya Angelou (American Poet) that I love and it is the following
what is storytelling phrase by maya angelouBasically storytelling is about using a story or story in the communications of a company.
What is the goal of storytelling?
The main objective of storytelling is to connect the consumer emotionally with the brand.
Storytelling is about attacking feelings, rather than reason.CLICK TO TWEET
If the potential or current consumer is excited, a closer bond is created between the person and the brand.

Why should a brand tell a story?Think about it for a moment.
t is not the same to see an advertisement on television where they directly tell you what the product or service is about, its qualities, benefits and the price.
Wouldn’t it be more Brazil Phone Number List to sit and watch a story that grabs you?
As an example, I invite you to see one of my favorite advertisements when I talk about storytelling and it is the work of Thomson Holidays.
I present to you: “Simon the ogre”
What do you think about it? Fantastic isn’t it?
Did you get the message?
Of course you got it and I’m sure that every second that passed made you more and more wanting to know what the advertising was about.
What do we have in mind?
That to stop being an ogre in life, you have to take a good vacation.
Is storytelling only applied in advertising?
Of course not.
As a lecturer, I often use storytelling during my lectures in order to keep the audience attentive and connected with me.
In the following video by Natalia Gómez del Pozuelo (Mecenium) she explains with interesting demonstrations and examples, the importance of storytelling when speaking in public.
Here on the blog you can find several articles where I use some copywriting and storytelling formulas to keep readers trapped in the article.
Another clear example of how storytelling can be applied to attract people’s attention is what my father ( Pedro Cabrera Yegros ) does with his famous short stories.
what is storytelling tales of pedro cabrera yegrosI imagine that just as he manages to generate so many positive reactions, a brand could take advantage of the same strategy in its social networks, to connect more with its consumers.
As you may have noticed, storytelling is something magical , that well used, it can really generate an emotion in the other party.
10 keys to making a good storytelling
Looking for some videos and resources on the subject, I came across this great article from Neurads.com where they give 10 tips or keys to make a good storytelling:

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Key # 1 – Storytelling is nothing new.
You have to understand that we are not facing a new trend .In fact, for years advertising used gulf email list  storytelling to connect with its consumers.Using this technique is not something new, but it is an important part of the communication process.Key # 2 – The protagonist is not the brand.
Storytelling is not about talking about the brand and telling a story. It is about the real protagonists being the people or animated characters.Be very careful to fall into this error.
Key # 3 – Humanize your brand.
Do you want to talk about your brand without following my previous advice?So worry about humanizing your brand .
Recommended Reading: How to humanize a brand on Facebook: 10 real examplesKey # 4 – Build empathy.
It is key in the storytelling process to seek to generate empathy in order to connect with peopleIt is not just telling a simple story.Offline, it’s not worth it.Key # 5 – Content is keyBeyond telling a story or how it is told, the most important thing is the content.
Recommended Reading: Content Marketing: Learn at once what it is
Key # 6 – Use universal themes.
There are certain subjects that arouse interest in people.
Topics like life, death, love, friendship, deception, hope.
Using these themes as the plot of our storytelling strategy will increase the chances that that message will spread.
Key # 7 – Bet on interaction.
If we add storytelling to an action that allows interaction with the public, then we will really be putting together a very good strategy.
As an example, I loved this video that sums up this explosive combination very well, in this campaign of the film ” La vida de Pí “Key # 8 – Use different types of storytelling
There is no single way to tell a story, but several.
I invite you to visit this article where André Mazarro (Creative Director of Sid Lee Amsterdam) analyzes 8 types of storytelling in advertising .
You see? There is a lot of creativity in this process.
Key # 9 – Leave a moral.
Great stories always have a good moral at the end.
Not all storytelling actions must have one, but using this resource could be very beneficial for the message you are going to carry out.
Key # 10 – Get the message clear.
I repeat. It’s not about just creating stories.

It is about conveying a message.If the message is not clear, the storytelling will not make sense.What is the process to do a good storytelling?
To explain this process I have relied on the ebook: ” Storytelling: The secrets of conceiving a good storytelling ” by 50minutos.es.
Of several types of processes that I have investigated, this has been the one that I liked the most because of the clear definition of each stage.
storytelling process
Below, I will explain each stage of this process, so that finally, the full story can be created.
Stage # 1 – Determine the search.
This stage of storytelling is in charge of attracting the attention of the target audience.
Basically it is about being clear about what our history will seek to express.
Stage # 2 – Characterize the characters.
We must clearly define what each character in our story will be like. Therefore you have to define your personality, way of being, feelings, behavior, even your physical appearance.Nor should we forget that the protagonist can be an object or a humanized brand.Stage # 3 – Define the antagonist.
The antagonist is that object that will be an obstacle for our protagonist. What you must overcome to achieve what you want.
It may be a character, an object, a situation, or a need.This element is key in the storytelling process because without it, the story will not make much sense and will cease to be interesting.Stage # 4 – Create the events.
These events are all those situations that derive from the antagonist and that make the protagonist feel different feelings such as happiness, sadness, anguish, etc.) which prevent him from advancing in his goal.

Stage # 5 – Resolve the crisis / complete the search.
When the moment of greatest tension, greatest attention or most striking is reached, the solution must appear there.It is ideal that this element appears in a coherent way so that it unravels the entire knot generated throughout the story.
Stage # 6 – Reactivate the story.
This stage is typical of storytelling. Although the story has ended in stage 5, what you have to look for is that the public of the same transmit it to others.
Today with social networks, this stage is more efficient than years ago.Stage # 7 – Look like reality.
The last stage is based on relating the story with the person who tells it, be it a person, company, brand, or individual.This is key, since no matter how big the impact of the story, without that detail, it can be quicklyforgotten.Once all the stages are ready, it is time to start creating the story , developing it correctly and according to the chosen format (and the objective).
An animated video of a brand will not be the same as the storytelling that is used by a politician in his campaign. (Yes, it also works for politics)My Favorite Storytelling Examples
I couldn’t finish this article without listing some of the examples of brands that use storytelling in their communications.
So let’s see my selection of favorites.
Example # 1 – I Would Run To You (Nike)
This is a clear example of knowing how to tell a love story, also using a little humor. As you can see, advertising goes through several of the storytelling stages that I mentioned.
Example # 2 – My dad lies to me (Met Life)
Here you have to get the handkerchiefs ready, because really this is one of those commercials that really put the finger on the sore. Interesting how is the turn of the story, where everything starts well and suddenly … well, better watch the video.
Example # 3 – The story of Lego (Lego)
Another example of storytelling and which I talked about in my article “The best marketing lesson, the story of Lego” is the following animated video that this company prepared. An entertaining way to learn about its history and have fun at the same time.

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