What is Street Marketing? 15 examples that explain it

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What is Street Marketing? 15 examples that explain it

What is Street Marketing? 15 examples that explain it
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15-examples-of-Street-Marketing-1-mclanfranconi-boliviaThe world of marketing is something really exciting because when it comes to communication there are a myriad of ramifications that we can choose to promote our brand. One of those actions is precisely Street Marketing.Today I bring you 15 examples of Street Marketing, a type of action of the most interesting and creative.
What is Street Mexico Phone Number List ?This type of marketing action falls into the category of non-traditional media or also known as “ BTL ” from its acronym “ Below The Line ”. Street Marketing uses the urban environment to publicize a brand, product or service, urban environments in which it is possible that our client is.It could be said that the most basic forms of Street Marketing are the delivery of brochures, flyers, posters, etc., but all this has evolved to a new level, because nowadays it is sought that the brand mimics and forms part of the environment in the that people walk, but in a striking, creative or ingenious way
Street Marketing Explained in 15 Ingenious ExamplesCLICK TO TWEET


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That is why Street Marketing is one of the most striking current techniques to get in touch  gulf email list with potential customers of a brand.What if we see it better with 15 Street Marketing examples?A DELICIOUS CROSSING (McDonald’s) street marketing examples 1 mclanfranconi. A RELAXED MICRO STOP (Ikea)15 examples of Street Marketing 15 mclanfranconi STAIRS TO LOSE WEIGHT (Infinit Fitnes examples of Street Marketing 14 mclanfranconiAs you can see, with a Street Marketing strategy you can really take advantage of a whole new world of spaces to publicize our brand, in a way that does not interfere or annoy customers, but rather by drawing their attention.

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