What is the anchor text?

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What is the anchor text?

In SEO there is so much anglicism that sometimes we can get to feel truly overwhelmed by words without understanding an iota of the concept behind them. So that, at least, that no longer happens to you with today’s term, we explain in depth what an anchor text is and how it can help your positioning.

An anchor text or  Argentina Phone Number List anchor text is a small text linked to a link. This text can be one or more words long and can be linked to both internal and external content of a website. It serves to give relevance to the web or post of the link and to improve its positioning in search engines.

The anchor text is the term (made up of one or more words) in which a hyperlink is included.

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Surely you have seen hundreds of thousands of anchor text without knowing its exact nomenclature. However, it should not be confused with a common linking. Although the functions and mission are the same, there are some differences that should be taken into account in our internal linking strategy.

This question leads us to the obvious statement that not all anchor texts are the same. We are going to classify them according to the form they take.

Naked : (also called hyperlink without anchor text ): it is about incorporating “raw” the web address to which you want to link. An example would be ” www.google.es “.
Generic : it is about linking content through terms that give absolutely no clue about the subject of the web to which the link points. Example: “ click here ”.
Keyword : this concept already incorporates an intention on the part of the person who writes the post to position the web to which the link directs . For example: “ what is the best search engine ? ”
Name : in these cases the brand name itself is used as anchor text. A good example would be ” Google “.
Depending on the goals of the person who is writing or publishing the post, you can choose one type of anchor text or another . Think about which one benefits you and your users the most when creating your texts.

If a website had all the same  Marketing anchor texts, Google would understand that it is trying to position itself in an “illegitimate” way and would penalize it. That is why it is important to put fairly natural anchor texts . Therefore, it is essential to use synonyms and words related to the one we want to position in our backlink strategy .

Having the same anchor text in many different links can be very negative for SEO positioning.
In case you want to check how your current backlinks are doing, there are a lot of tools at your fingertips.

You can use Google  Gulf Email List Search Console or Ahrefs to find out what anchor you are being linked to from other websites.

In case you see that one is repeated too much, try to correct it or tell the main search engines that some of them have nothing to do with you. This is important so that in no case is it considered that you are spamming and avoid penalties.Advantages of practicing anchor text
Better positioning in search engines:
As we have already commented, a suitable word that indicates the origin of the link provides benefits for SEO positioning. This technique also makes it easier for search engine algorithms to better position the contents of a web page by knowing its subject matter in advance.

Greater visibility in linked posts:
Regardless of whether it is internal or external links, they will improve the performance and notoriety of the linked posts. This is because anchor texts are a formula to tell search engines that there is useful information in that URL , that it adds value and that it must have a better positioning to be more visible.

Backlink growth :
Thanks to the content linked by anchor texts , the options of receiving backlinks are increased , one of the important parameters to take into account for SEO purposes. Although we could put this section perfectly into positioning, we give it a differentiated paragraph due to its great importance.

After these lines you can say that you know what an anchor text is and what it means to carry out a coherent strategy based on this concept. True? We hope it is. But if you’ve been with any questions or do not know very well how to apply it , you know, give us a dehissing !

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