What is the conversion rate?

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What is the conversion rate?

We work to win. We all want our sales strategies to be effective, don’t we? Well, to achieve this there is nothing better than measuring how many people have bought in each campaign and repeating the ones that obtain the best results. To do this, today we show you what the conversion rate is, how to measure it and how to increase it.

It is a parameter that indicates the number of users who have carried out a specific action among the total traffic that our page has had. Therefore, its analysis serves to know whether or not our online strategies are meeting the objectives that we had previously set for ourselves.
If you increase traffic but not leads, your conversion rate is asking you to change tactics.
We will give you a practical example so that you understand it better. Imagine that you create a site from scratch, taking care of all the details: design, writing, structure, etc. Let’s say that on that website your ultimate goal is to sell original socks.

If after having a beautiful website, well-written texts and a good content organization, you get more and more traffic but your sales do not take off, your ecommerce is crying out for a change in strategy.

Perhaps the problem is that the content, the design or the so-called CTAs ( Call to Action ), which are not well focused on your potential customers. Or maybe the prices are much higher than your competition for very similar socks and your audience does not see fit to pay more for the same. Look for the Achilles heel that is making you lose sales, because whatever it is, you have to change the strategy.

The important  what the conversion in Afghanistan Phone Number List and how it does it to be able to make decisions aimed at improving the sales numbers (or any other action that we want the user to do). To achieve this, it is essential that we explain where it comes from and how to calculate this indicator.
As you can see, the formula does not have much mystery . It is about dividing the leads, which are the people who have carried out the action you wanted (subscribe to a newsletter, make a purchase, download an between the total visits that the site has received and multiply that result by one hundred .

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To obtain this data you will only need an account in Google Analytics . First of all, define what are the objectives for which you are fighting on each of the pages within this platform.  Gulf Email List So later you can review their values ​​whenever you want. To do this, you just have to go to the “Conversions / Objectives / Overview” section.

If you want to periodically monitor the objectives achieved (to be able to make decisions based on the effectiveness of the actions), it is advisable to have a history of reports that measure this parameter. So you can know which campaigns and strategies work best and make decisions accordingly.

In general, in Spain it is understood that this index is positive when it is between 1% and 3% . That is, if 3 out of 100 people who enter the page become customers, the strategy is considered to be effective (if it is more, even better). But beware! This data is positive for the Spanish market, since in other countries with a greater tradition of online sales this figure may vary.

Formulas to improve conversion Juicy deals Evident. The more discounts and attractive offers you give your customers, the better results you will have in sales. In products that compete for price, this formula works very well . But if your items or services differ from the rest in offering premium quality, better not go overboard with discounts, lest you be unintentionally taking away the value of your own business.

Prizes or gifts
To improve the conversion rate you can always make offers, give small prizes to your leads or do A / B tests.
Another tactic that works great for winning subscribers is offering gifts in exchange for email addresses . These can be in the form of ebooks with relevant information for the user, templates to carry out different activities or discounts for the first purchase.

A / B testing
Not sure what can work? Absolutely nothing happens. Test different landing pages, writing styles, or layouts to see which one works best. The numbers don’t lie and they will tell you what your target likes the most.

At this point in the post, we no longer need to tell you how important the conversion rate is in marketing, as well as give it a lot of care and affection to keep it up. By empathizing a bit with your target audience, testing and constantly reviewing how this parameter is working, your online sales will surely take an important leap. And if you need more help to get it , you know: give us a dehissing !

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