What is the CPC?

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What is the CPC?

One more bag of nomenclatures in the online Algeria Phone Number List world, right? Nothing happens, because if you still don’t know what CPC is, today we are going to teach it to you . And we are not only going to give you its definition, but we will also explain how it is used and how you can get the most out of it. You will be amazed at how much these little acronyms can do for your business!
It is an online cost model that is used to carry out advertising campaigns on different platforms, such as social networks or search engines. This indicator implies that the business pays only for each click that a user makes on one of its ads. The specific cost is established by bids that companies make to appear in the results of each keyword. Therefore, depending on the demand (also called competition) that has a specific search term, more or less will be paid for each click.

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In short, the meaning of CPC lies in what a company pays for each click a user makes on its ads on networks,  Gulf Email List search engines, banners, etc. That is, what the webmaster of each page is willing to pay for users to enter their website. This payment formula is much more attractive to many companies than CPM (cost per thousand impressions), since a click on the link denotes a greater interest in the company than a simple visualization.


However, to carry out a successful online advertising strategy, it is essential to have good control of the data provided by Google Analytics . With this tool we can really know from which platforms the traffic comes to our website and what real increase each ad is generating.Where to run CPC campaigns
Today there are many platforms that allow these advertising strategies in which you pay for each click received on the ad. Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads or Bing Ads are some of them. But if there is one that exceeds the number of users and advertisers to the others, that is Google AdWords (through which advertisers can also appear on different blogs and pages through Google Adsense).

To choose a platform that is based on the CPC system, it is essential that you know where your target audience moves . In any case, you can always combine ads in different media and analyze later which of them gives you the best profitability.


Let’s explain it with an example. Imagine that a company wants to carry out an online advertising strategy through a series of advertisements. This company will carry out a study of the keywords that its target audience is looking for and, within them, those that are most profitable for them due to competition (that is, those that have an acceptable cost per click).

If after publishing an ad, it is shown 1,000 times and receives a total of 50 clicks, that company will only pay for those 50 visits that it has registered. If, for example, for each click the bid was € 0.3, the total cost for the cleaning business will be € 0.3 x 50 = € 15.

Do you think this strategy will be effective for your business? Now that you know what CPC is in marketing, apply everything you have learned in this post and analyze the results to verify it. But if what you want is to get all the profitability from minute 1, get in touch with us !

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