What is the GPT-3 language model? Implications for digital marketing

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What is the GPT-3 language model? Implications for digital marketing

In June, OpenAI , the nonprofit AI research organization founded by Elon Musk, released its new GPT-3 language model as an open source API. The launch filled the headlines of tech publications, viral tweets and debates about the possibilities that open up in the field of natural language processing or NPL .
The development of language models that rely on machine learning algorithms to minimize the barrier between human and machine language is not alien to the field of digital uk mobile number. We saw earlier this year that Google BERT uses them to understand user queries and rank the results based on their search intent. Although Google’s model works differently from GPT-3 , both are part of the same technological revolution .
What is the GPT-3 language model?
The GPT-3 language model is an artificial intelligence that, from processing massive amounts of text and data, is capable of establishing relationships between words, calculating probabilities and returning the most accurate word for the task that is entrusted to it. It is an unsupervised machine learning algorithm that can perform mathematical operations, but also converse, generate text with minimal instructions, or translate it between languages. Using the same logic, you can program from text commands as we see in the following example: This model stands out for its size: it has been trained with more than 175,000 million parameters , which is a huge leap compared to its predecessor, the GPT-2, which had processed 1,500 million. The GPT-3 language model has been fed by all the public books available on the internet, Wikipedia entirely, and millions of web pages and scientific papers . When we talk about machine learning algorithms , size – understood as the amount of data it ingests and processes – matters a lot to achieve increasingly precise results in the tasks entrusted to it.Potential applications of the GPT-3 language in digital marketing
Currently, the search for applications for the GPT-3 language model is in full swing. The projects related to this new technology mostly revolve around the following areas:

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Until now, the artificial intelligence behind the chatbots installed in e-commerce, and even in Facebook , focuses on choosing the correct answer from a database gulf email list  that contains information that has been written in advance by people. In contrast, the GPT-3 language model is capable of much less corseted conversations because it takes into account the unique context of that chat . The main limitation that arises at this point is how to control that the AI ​​does not go astray and end up launching offensive or inappropriate messages .The GPT-3 language model could be used to achieve more natural chatbots. Translation in its broadest senseThe GPT-3 language model is capable of establishing relationships between words with astonishing precision . Translating texts in different languages ​​is the most obvious application, but you can also find equivalences between languages ​​that are not purely textual. For example, it would be possible to convert sentences into programming functions, transform one programming language into another, or even transcribe mathematical operations without the need for specialized software. However, when the complexity of the tasks escalates, the model loses precision in its results.
. Generation of texts In many ways, the analogy can be drawn between the GPT-3 language model and a powerful autocorrect that not only masters spelling and grammar, but can also generate new text from a few instructions . At first glance, this is something revolutionary in the realm of on-page SEO and content marketing, as it would end human intervention in the creation of search engine optimized content.

However, there are still limitations here. For the moment , Google detects (and condemns) this type of content considering that it is a kind of trick designed to alter its rankings and not to respond to the user’s need. On the other hand, although surprisingly it seems, GPT-3 is not a conscious entity: it can calculate the probability that something is correct, but it does not reason about whether it is or not, so it can end up generating texts that do not make much sense. .GPT-3, a glimpse into the future of AI
We are not risking too much if we say that the GPT-3 language model forms a breeding ground full of potential applications in the world of digital marketing that are yet to be discovered . Despite the noise generated during the summer, the GPT-3 will not take work away from copywriters, translators or programmers, but it can represent the basis of future tools to assist them in certain tasks. In any case, it is a technology that will have to be closely followed in the complex and changing universe of artificial intelligence .

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