What is the hreflang tag?

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What is the hreflang tag?

The hreflang tag appeared for the first time in my projects when I had to manage the development of a product for 9 LATAM countries. Until then, as the SEO manager of the project, I thought that the lang tag was more than enough for Google to know what the content was for each country and position me where I wanted to appear. These days I have had to defend its use for another international project and it seemed where to buy phone numbers like a good time to explain its usefulness.What was the problem?
I started to notice that the most recent projects (with less DA-PA) were positioning themselves in other countries above their country’s version , which was a problem. I still remember when my boss called me and asked me why this was happening… It is true that for us it was an important problem since each country had a different service, SAC and price. If a lead entered the CRM with the wrong country variable, the whole process that will follow will be wrongThe advantages of the label


The advantages of using the hreflang tag as Google recommends in its SEO guidelines are basically two;  gulf email list on the one hand, achieving a correct positioning in each country , and on the other, not being exposed to penalties for duplicate content (changing any verb or expression on a site is still considered duplicate content).The implementationThe implementation of the hreflang tag is as simple as adding the code part in the head of our page. It will have to be in those places where we have a translated content (in the eyes of Google duplicated if we do not have this tag). For more information, check out what Google says about using hreflang for language and region URLs .Practical case
If we have a project in Spain that we are internationalizing in Peru and Chile, with an identical website but adapted in language, we must add these three lines of code in the places where the duplicate content appears, or rather, adapted to another language:

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