What is thin content and why should you avoid it?

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What is thin content and why should you avoid it?

Imagine that you are searching for something on Google and the first result you click on has unreadable content, meaningless content, or even a page without text. How would you stay?

Well, Google continually fights against that type of content that does not add anything of value, also called thin content . We are going to explain what it consists of, how to detect it and  Marketing what you can do to avoid it on your website .The thin content refers to the content of low or poor quality of some pages of a website. That is, content that does not respond in a correct and useful way to the query that the user makes in Google or another search engine. Here’s how you can spot low-quality content:

The whole SEO tool, Screaming Frog
It is a software that you must install on your computer and that allows you to crawl the web for free up to 500 URLs. You can check the duplicate metadata and URL of your website, but you can also be guided a bit by the number of words that it reports from each page . For example, if several different URLs have exactly the same number of words, the content may be the same.

One of Google’s rules is not to index content that is not relevant or thin content .
Download the raw data you export from Screaming Frog to Excel or Spreadsheets and use conditional formats and filters to go directly to the affected pages.
A Spanish tool for professional use specialized in detecting thin content and analyzing the structure. In a very graphic way, you will be able to see a metric called Pandarisk, which, as you will guess, is the percentage of risk that your website may be penalized by Google Panda , the algorithm that is responsible for “evaluating” the content of your website.
Use the command ”
This is the manual way Austria Phone Number List to check whether there is similar metadata that does not contribute anything as if you have pages that talk about the same thing or the pages appear legal. At the thin content level it does not give much more information, but you can get pages in the results that you did not even know existed . For example, if you have created your website yourself with a CMS template, you will be able to know if test content was indexed.In case you have discovered empty pages, with hardly any text or that it is duplicated in other pages, you can take some of the following measures:

Use Noindex meta robots
If you have pages that do not have the objective of positioning or you are not going to work on them, add a noindex tag so that the Google robot does not waste time in crawling it. If you use Rankmath, you can modify this information very easily on the affected pages.Think about your SEO strategy before taking any action on the pages of your website.
Always remember to check that it is really well changed in the code. You can see it directly in the HTML of the page (right mouse button> “see source code”> and perform a search with ctrl + g for “robots”). You should get something like this:
Use Canonical relay

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This type of tag is intended to indicate to Google that the content of the page you are crawling does not contribute anything, that the preferred one is another main URL. It is very typical to use it in pages , Gulf Email List  Marketing which is a type of self-generated content whose only usefulness is to group all the content of a category, subcategory or tag into pages. You can check if your pages have canonical following the same process of seeing the code source, only this time it looks for “canonical” and checks that the URL that appears is the one of the category or main page. You should see a code snippet like this:
In the event that you have in order to position these pages you found with thin content , do not hesitate to work you unique content where, above all, respond to user consultation .In this point, the question of the million is: ¿ How long should I make the content? Well, based on the results offered by the search engine about the query you want to answer.

See if the answer is offered directly in the results or you have to enter the pages and understand if the results that come out are more informational, transa ctional or a medley of both. With the results themselves, you can also get an idea of ​​the extent of the content or if that intention is worth fighting for. Above all, keep in mind that what comes first is quality.
It is important because it is a “mini point” that you earn in your SEO strategy and any good deed will be welcome. How is that? From an organic positioning perspective, if you have indexed pages with no content or the content is duplicated, two things are happening:
You are allowing the bot to crawl those URLs with poor content , so you are wasting it crawling time. In addition, you are harming yourself by not “helping” the bot to go through the pages that interest you the most when it comes to positioning, or what is the same, those that have real quality. Everything that surrounds the idea of ​​helping Google understand the pages goes hand in hand with having a good structure of the information.

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