What is White Hat SEO?

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What is White Hat SEO?

In life there are two ways of doing things: good (with patience and affection) and bad (on the run and with minimal effort). Yes, it is true, perhaps it is a way to simplify reality a lot, but at least it is a simple formula to help you better understand what white hat SEO is . Keep reading (until the end, the post is improving as the paragraphs go by) and we will explain all the details.The white hat SEO is based on following the rules imposed by search engines to position a web page.
Ultimately, it is about doing things as requested by the search engines, the powerful kings of the online world.

If you do absolutely everything following their designs, in principle they will never be able to penalize you Bahamas Phone Number List  and sink your website into the depths of results.Typical white hat SEO techniques
1. Naturalness in keywordsIf your website talks about surf-style t-shirts, you probably have the keyword “surf-style t-shirts” repeated a few times in the text of your website. If it appears around 1% of the total words that the content of the site has, Google (we refer to it because it is the largest search engine in the world, but it can be any other) will understand that you have a natural content and will reward you for it.

However, if you have a text in which your keyword appears 10%, the search engines will surely put on a funny face and breathe a sigh of disappointed resignation. Then they will penalize your website without much consideration. And nobody wants that to happen!

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2. Links as natural as possible
If you get hyperlinks that point to your page, the most normal thing is that they do so from places with themes related to yours and with anchor text (or anchor texts where the link is incorporated) Gulf Email List  of the most varied (“surf shirts”, ” surf shirts “,” online t-shirt store “,” click here “, …).

If all the URLs or anchor text are exactly the same (“surf-style t-shirts”), search engines will suspect that you are trying to position your website illegally. Then they will fall on your page like raptors, they will catch you with their claws of steel and they will throw you into the deepest part of the ocean online , a place from which, we warn you, it is very difficult to swim to return to land.

3. 100% original content
Are you already understanding what white hat SEO is? In this case, you probably already know what we are going to tell you. Totally exclusive and homegrown content is rewarded. We do not ask that all the content comes to you by divine inspiration (unless you have a blog of poems or micro-stories, in which case, divine inspiration always comes in handy)! Simply take information and inspiration from other websites and write your content from scratch and without plagiarism.

If you need to quote someone at any time, you can do it without any problem. But always applying the correct formats and quotes in the right places . Even so, we advise you not to quote too much. Do not go to be that the search engines think that you are copying and take you to the corner of thinking like in school!

4. Information requested by the user
If you fight for the keyword “how to start an online business” and then the content talks about how your grandparents set up the churrería in their town, the user will realize in less than 20 seconds that the content is not what they were looking for and will leave the web.

On the other hand, if you offer the content that the person was trying to find, they will stay much longer on your page and will interact with them. Just what Google wants to be able to pat you on the back!

Quality content is one of the most awarded aspects of white hat SEO . If users like a text, search engines will love it. Otherwise, the raptors, the steel claws and all that happens (we hope you have read the whole post, because since you just arrived here without reading the rest, you will say “what raptors are these people talking about?”) .

There is no ying without yang: what about black hat SEO?
The black hat SEO is based on a series of techniques that Google considers illegal to position a web . That is, excessive repetition of keywords, hidden text, incorporation of unnatural links, etc. These strategies can help to quickly position a website, but just as quickly it is likely to be penalized and … raptors, claws, blah blah.

The black hat SEO is a set of illegal and penalized by search engines strategies to position a site.
What happen? Well, like everything in life, SEO positioning is not entirely black and white. There are a number of grays that can make a site rank a little faster than normal and that go beyond creating fantastic content on a specific topic and waiting patiently.

It’s the gray hat SEO, a middle ground between Harry Potter and Voldemort . Let’s say that he is a kind of Severus Snape, that while it is true that he took Dumbledore, he did it for a good cause and in the end he was even majete.

After gutting the end of the young wizard saga, we hope you have understood what gray hat SEO is , a middle ground between strictly following the rules and completely passing them.

After these super strange references to surfers, raptors and magic wands, we want you to know that we have tried, with all our hearts, to teach you what white hat SEO is. If we have succeeded , reward us by sharing this article so that your friends can learn a little more about online marketing… while having a laugh.

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