What is WooCommerce?

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What is WooCommerce?

Woo Commerce is a plugin to create an online store on a website created with WordPress. Well, why is it so well known? You ask. Very simple, because it is very simple. In other words, intuitive (this adjective is sooo trendy…).

Being able to work in an online Switzerland Phone Number List store without fear of losing the structure or functions of the web is one of the characteristics that have made the use of this tool high and widespread.
ts flexibility and convenient installation have led 30% of e-commerce to trust this plugin (either in its free or paid version, which includes a greater number of functionalities). In addition, in terms of user experience, it allows the purchase of both physical and digital products in an understandable and natural way.
Sell. As this article began, we could finish it. Woo Commerce is used to generate sales through an online store that is easily configurable . From shipments to taxes, through payment methods (here you can see how the POS is configured ) or discounts, they can be controlled 100% through an easy-to-understand and manage platform.what-is-woo commerce

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In short, and not to Gulf Email List continue Database praising this plugin for free , if you have not tried it already, now that you know what Woo Commerce is and what its advantages are, the best you can do is install it and discover its virtues first-hand . And if you help yourself with all some specific plugins for this platform that help to sell more , then that is what your pocket takes.

Will you bet on the free version or the paid version? Since you know what WooCommerce is for and why it is an interesting option to sell online, choose the version that best suits your project and get the most out of it in your own e-commerce . And, if you have already done it, leave a comment with your experience , it is always exciting to know that there is someone there, on the other side of this blog.

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