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Although creating a search campaign in Adwords is relatively easy, what is not so easy is to take each and every one of the steps necessary for our campaigns to be successful, before starting to create the campaigns we  list of india numbers must plan our strategy, objectives, … Adwords Search CampaignFirst of all, we have to be very clear about what objectives (main KPI’s) we want to achieve with our Adwords campaigns , or rather, what we want the user to do once they have reached our website. It depends on our business, these objectives will be one or the other:
An important aspect, which is very necessary to take into account, is that spending all the money on a web page and not thinking that an investment will be necessary to advertise this page is a very important mistake, since if you are not on Google / Facebook / etc, you don’t exist.
As we already know, carrying out a campaign in Google Adwords is not free and it has a cost, depending on the sector, the products, … that we are offering, the investment must be greater or less, as we have explained previously, the cost basically depends on 2 factors, the number of monthly searches and the cpc of the keywords that we will use to advertise our products / services.
It is necessary to define a monthly budget to invest in Adwords and to be able to maintain it for a period of 3 to 6 months to obtain a return on our investment, in this sense each business will be different and will mark its timings.company budget iconIn the next section we will tell you how to approach the investment that you will need and with which you will have to countOnce we are clear about what we want to achieve, we must think about what keywords we will use. To define these keywords, it is recommended to carry out different steps:

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Define which products / services we want to advertise on our website, if we are an e-commerce and we have 8,000 products it will be difficult for us to advertise gulf email list  them all at the same time, in case we do not have a very large budget. The tool that can help us decide which products / services to start with is Google Trends , with this tool we can see the search volume of a keyword and compare this volume with the volume of another key word, and decide on the product that it has the most searches since it is the one with the broadest market. Google trends insights
We have to put ourselves in the user’s shoes and think how we would search for this product / service on Google if we wanted to buy / hire it.
See what our competition does and for this we have different tools but one that we can use and that has good results is Semrush, although there are many others.
Use the “Keyword Planner” tool that Google Adwords offers us for free, in it we can search for keyword ideas in 3 ways:Introducing some of the keywords that we have detected in the first and second point so that then Adwords offers us a list of similar or related keywords that may be interesting to use.
Enter our landing page, in this case what Adwords will do is offer us ideas of keywords that it reads on our page. For these ideas to be good, it is important that this page is optimized at the SEO level, since to define these words it will be based on something similar to the algorithm that is used in natural positioning.
Choose by product category, Adwords offers us a list of categories, from which we can choose one in which our product / service is defined, the keyword ideas that it will give us will be keywords in relation to the selected category.keyword tools
Once we have the complete list of keywords that we will use, we can use the “Keyword Planner” tool to establish the approximate budget that we will need so that our ads appear in the first positions every time they search for usGoogle Adwords daily forecastsOnce we know the budget we need, we see how far we can go with the budget that we have and according to this budget the strategy of the campaigns, concordances, schedules, etc., will be one or the other.PROGRAMMING OF CAMPAIGNS / CONCORDANCES / SCHEDULES / ETC.
n this section we will define the following aspects to be programmed or decided when we are setting up the campaign strategy:

Schedule Schedule of Ads: we can tell Google what hours and days of the week we want our ads to appear, for example, if we are a delivery service pizzeria, and we do not open on Tuesdays, it is better than on Tuesday our ads do not appear.scheduling Google Adwords ads
Programming by Regions / areas / cities: we must choose where we want Adwords to show our ads, we can segment by country, by autonomous community, by province, by city, …geographic orientation Google adwordKeyword matching, there are 4 types of matching: broad, broad modified, phrase and exact, from least tomost restrictive
Google Adwords keyword matcDepending on the budget we have, we will have to work in one way or another:

If we have a large budget, the best way to act is thinking that “I just know that I don’t know anything”, that is to say that we have no idea what the best schedules are, the exact words that will achieve our objectives, and so on. Which means that:
We will have the announcements scheduled every day and at all hours, in this way we can check the real results, of what works better and what does not work.
In the event that it is not a local business, what we will do is advertise throughout the country or wide region, although we may have an idea of ​​where it will work best, we do not know for sure.
We will put the keywords in broad or modified broad match, in this way we can discover other terms that are better than the ones we have chosen.
If, on the contrary, we have a small budget, in this case, we will have to start limiting and how will we do it? Well, using common sense:
We will schedule the announcements on the most common days and times, for example if we are a disco, during the weekend and in the evening. If we are a lawyer we will put it in office hours from Monday to Friday. It is true that restricting in this way it is possible to lose users who may be potential clients but if we do not have enough budget we have no other choice.
We will further delimit the area, if it is a local business there is no discussion, but in case of being, for example, a company that rents water sources for companies, we can limit it to cities such as Barcelona or Madrid, which are the areas where there is more accumulation of companies. and therefore more possibilities to segment our target audience.
If we are limited, we must use the phrase agreement, at this point it is important that we try to put each and every one of the keywords that occur to us, in some case we can use the modified broad as long as it is more than a single word, it is not recommended use the exact match from the beginning since we should be very very sure that they are the keywords that will bring us to our potential clients.
5. ASSEMBLY OF THE CAMPAIGNSIt is important to have a good organization of the campaigns, my recommendation is that you organize all the keywords by campaigns, for example, if we are going to advertise the following services: SEO, Adwords and Community Manager we can create 3 campaigns and within each one a single one ad group, in each of these campaigns will go the keywords related to each service. In this way, it will be much easier for you to segment the previous section according to the needs of each service.
Google Adwords structure schemeIn addition, you must choose the landing page for each campaign or ad group and make it as relevant as possible to improve quality and thus minimize cost.

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