What they never taught you about entrepreneurship and what you are going to live

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What they never taught you about entrepreneurship and what you are going to live

You are at that moment in your life when you decide that it is time to start your own business and undertake.
But I have something to tell you:
here are a number of things that I am sure they did not teach you about undertaking
Do you want to know what they are?
Hasn’t it ever happened to you to feel something like this?
There comes a time in your life when you feel that it is time to undertake and start the dream of your own business.
You come up with 1001 business ideas, you start preparing business plans, projections and even somehow set aside savings to kick-start.

So far everything nice and interesting.
But when you are on the road, you realize a series of factors that you never imagined could happen to you.
Or put another way:
Today I present to you a series of things Sri Lanka Phone Number List that I have learned based on the experience of undertaking in life.But especially things I never saw in college.
Things that one learns, beyond how to create a business.
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1.- THE CONTEXTSome universities have graduation projects based on business simulations in which we live in an environment of certain business “uncertainty”.
Do you wanna know the truth?
The reality is that nothing will ever prepare us for the real context.
The simulator may have worker strikes, inflationary changes or even competitors who mysteriously become aggressive, but apart from that in real life many things happen that affect us and that do not manage the same times as a business simulator.



It doesn’t matter if you are a stranger, a friend or a family member.Well they can really get to know their true personality when problems come (or when things go excellently well and ambition comes from within)
You have to always be with your ears up, you never know if you are sleeping with the enemy.
Remember this:BUSINESS IS  gulf email listBUSINESS.3.- THE TYPE OF COMPANY
Although they have different names, we often come across companies such as:
The sole proprietorsAutonomousLimited liability companiesStock companiesCorporations
Anyway, they vary by country. gulf email list What really matters is that you take care of your personal and work environment.A clear example of this is the SRL:
A type of society based primarily on trustworthy people.
Although it all depends on how the company is constituted, I have seen many times how partners have found “holes” in it to plot or deceive their colleagues.
Analyze 1,000 times the type of company you are going to use.
Sometimes cheap is very expensive.
Congratulations you have just appointed you not only Manager or CEO of your own company, but also its legal representative.
What pride, what joy.
You’re sure?
Well the joy lasts until things go wrong.

From tax debts, to a labor complaint or some serious problem, even if one is a partner and is protected to a certain extent by the type of company, nothing prevents the legal representative from suffering some consequencesFrom the freezing of your personal accounts, to a lawsuit against you or even the possibility of not being able to travel or go abroad.
So before being so happy to be the legal representative of a company, think twice if you will be able to assume all the responsibilities and consequences that come with the position.
When we simulate a business in the university or we put together the business plan, the cash flow, the projections, etc. everything seems perfect.
It is more at that moment you really feel like a business tycoon.
However, the entrepreneur is a person who embraces uncertainty throughout his career.
In real life we ​​never know what will happen tomorrow and there is no projection that can hold up to the infinite possibilities that we can find.

Remember this:If you are going to undertake, then you must be a person who can understand that uncertainty will always be out there and that if you are not a person capable of taking risks, it may end up beating you by knockout.6.- THE COMPETITION
Remember this?:
The countless matrices, SWOT analysis and market studies you did during college based on studying the competition.
Studying in depth those market niches or barriers to entry so that your project is the best.
However in real life the competition is not as passive as in the university.
In real life they will play dirty many times, they will rob your workers, they will speak pests about your company or even influence their circles to raise barriers where you least imagined it.In summary, if you are going to undertake, you have to be ready to meet a competition that goes from the most passive to the most aggressive.
I make you remember:
I’m going to tell you a great secret:
You will not be able to avoid it.Many times it makes us grow as people, because it brings out and improves our abilities, but it also brings with it many changes in our personality that may not be so pretty.
From the fact that you can become colder or more distrustful, to even become a very aggressive businessman.

It can give you leadership, but also the ability to corner people to do what you need them to do, without worrying about anything.In short, get ready:
Entrepreneurship is something that changes you, whether you want it or not.
The vast majority of people are part-time entrepreneurs.
They make a balance between their work life and their desire to undertake.
The little free time they have is sacrificed by creating their business and hoping that when they become 100% independent, things will change.
Well, I must confess something to you:
On the contrary, things get more complicated.
When you work you only have one position, but when you are undertaking you may have many (and many times forever)
Every minute that we are not looking at our business, our cattle stop getting fat.
Prepare to spend a lot of time on your endeavor.
Time for outings, family, friends, relaxation, rest.
Anyway, time.
9.- THE FAILUREStarting a business does not mean having guaranteed success.
As I said earlier, uncertainty is out there all the time and with it, failure can come.
And I know very well that you will agree to the following:
Throughout life we ​​are taught that failure is a bad thing, it is a negative thing and it is even socially punished.

However, this is how the entrepreneur learns .Thanks to your failures small and large.
Don’t be afraid to fail, don’t be afraid to feel bad, but never forget to learn your lesson .
When we read the biographies of business moguls we always read the best, but rarely their failures.
You would love to have a million dollar company, right?
Who does not?
It is true that there are thousands of opportunities out there to start and do a business so profitable that it could make us millionaires.
Sometimes it’s luck, sometimes it’s focus.
But don’t go for the million dollar idea because it rarely appears out of nowhere.
Entrepreneurship is planning, taking action and analyzing. It is sacrificing, investing and resigning yourself to losing and gaining many things.
Do not start to get rich, start because you love doing business .
Do it with passion and surely, as time goes by, you will find the niche, the opportunity and the million dollar business.
I hope these tips are helpful to you, and if after reading this article you really feel like starting a business, you have the wood of an entrepreneur.

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