What to expect from e-commerce in 2019

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What to expect from e-commerce in 2019

What is expected of e-commerce in 2019? Before answering, say that by the end of 2018, 71% of Internet users between the ages of 16 and 65 in Spain made at least  indian celebrity phone numbers some online purchase. This significant figure, provided by a study carried out by IAB Spain, shows that the trend towards electronic purchases continues to rise.In short, e-commerce is increasingly being propped up as an option for purchases: Gone seems to be the time of visiting stores in search of offers. Now users use all kinds of devices to find the most advantageous prices within the reach of a click.
E-commerce in 2009: Starting the year
Certainly, the beginning of a year is usually conducive to sketching what is supposed to come: in this case, ecommerce is no exception. Here we discuss what to expect from e-commerce in 2019.
Improve e-commerce logistics in 2019Consumers expect the logistics to improve every day to receive the various objects they have acquired through electronic means. In fact, they expect their product to arrive with the immediacy demanded by their own needs: it is up to the business to adapt to this trend.

Modify seasonal conceptsThe immediacy of the electronic age has marked buyers: changes in purchasing processes bring in themselves the need to modify the seasons, arising the need to activate purchases throughout the year and avoiding a concentration during a certain period or stationary sales. This is a challenge posed to e-commerce stores, clearly as a matter of survival.

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Simple e-commerce experience in 2019
The reality is that a good portion of e-commerce consumers are digital natives: that is  gulf email list why they expect their shopping experience to be as simple as browsing a social network. This apart from the fact that no consumer wants to waste time in the purchase process: any complication will cause the conversion to simply not take place. Mobile devices are the
kings Connections through mobile devices such as smartphones have increased exponentially. In fact, a high percentage of those who make purchases online do so through their phones. That is why it is very important that the entire e-commerce process considers the multiplicity of devices to improve the experience of its users.

Brands with a causeCustomers in most cases respond positively to campaigns with social content. Diversity, inclusion and other issues of social impact are addressed by the brands that make life in e-commerce and in turn, customers will reward the gesture with greater loyalty.
Platforms are still in vogue
It is becoming easier and easier to open an online store or an e-commerce in 2019, thanks to platforms such as Shopify. These types of platforms are usually very easy to use and inexpensive, allowing a quick anddynamic product display.Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning or Automatic Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have had exponential growth. These are not things of the future: they are simply tools that are used on a daily basis to improve the user experience. Significant improvements in e-commerce systems are expected in 2019.

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