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There are many companies or people who have decided or are deciding to open an online store. This is a very interesting option for people who already have a physical store and, therefore, have already developed all the purchasing operations and knowledge of the sector. It may seem that opening an online store is something simpleNormally, what motivates  mobile directory with names india a person to open an online store is the possibility of selling to everyone or, at least, to considerably increase their sales radius (up to now made up of people from the neighborhood, around their physical store ) and that thanks to the globalization of the Internet it will become global, thus being able to multiply its sales exponentially. In theory, this approach could be more or less true, but the reality is something quite different, or at least not so simple. To open an online store with certain expectations of success, the following points must be taken into account- THE PRODUCT : The first thing to consider is the type of product that you intend to sell online. You have to see if it is a product that can be sold online, a product can be very successful in face-to-face sales but it can be a disaster online.
– THE COMPETITION: We are not alone. There will be other companies that sell the same thing that we intend to sell ourselves. We must analyze their presence on the Internet, their positioning in the market, their online sales actions. We must be realistic, if there are many agents in the market, it will be difficult or at least expensive, to generate the necessary visibility to keep market share. Efforts and expectations must be valued very well when competition is great. Gaining sufficient visibility in a very competitive market can be very expensive.


– PRICES: One of the elements that most mobilizes users when buying is the price. You have to see at what price level we can place ourselves in relation to the competition. We must be clear that the user is going to compare prices and if we are the most expensive without offering any differentiating element in exchange, we will not sell. Therefore, a pricing policy must be well defined, which can and should be different from the one set out in the physical store CONFIDENCE: You have to think that the user is going to pay in advance and the product that he has bought has only been seen by photo, there is nothing to assure him that the product he has just bought will arrive. The user makes an act of faith, based on the trust that has been generated. Everything that plays in favor of generating trust online is positive: incorporating a telephone number, company data, an online trust seal, …- THE WEB: Once the previous points have been analyzed, it is time to decide what support will be used for the online store . For this, there are several options on the market, with different functionalities and different prices. What is really important is to get a clear website, designed to sell, with a sufficient variety of products and references and that makes it as easy as possible to compare products, the buying process and navigability in general. Obviously it must be prepared for its optimal positioning in Google. Getting a good shopping experience can make a big difference.

– VISIBILITY: Once the website is up and fully operational, it is necessary to generate sufficient online visibility so that users can know that you exist and thus enable the sale. This is the last phase of the project and, from experience, it is generally given less importance than it actually is. You have to be very clear that if you are not visible you will not sell.You must ask yourself what you are going to do to gain that much-needed visibility. You can boost your presence on Google ( SEO / SEM ), email marketing , boost your presence on websites and blogs and be very active on Social Networks .
If you want to improve your online visibility and your presence in Google , we recommend the SEO Guide: How to select the best keywords to enhance my business visibility in Google? Click on the image and download itIf we take these points into account and analyze and define them correctly, in principle the risk of failure in an e-commerce project can be substantially reduced. The most common mistake made by those who start an online store project is to forget that selling online can be very profitable as long as you have good visibility and views, if there is not a plan and budget to generate visibility, the project will not work.


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