What to take into account to generate interactions on Facebook?

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What to take into account to generate interactions on Facebook?

A campaign is very important for the client, therefore it is essential that you create content that is interesting enough so that everyone wants to share it, provocative so that they comment on it, nice and emotional so that they give them a “like” and also the occasional publication with a direct link to the company’s website to make way for the increase in visits.Not sure where to start? The main thing is to smile, the rest we can study step by step. You think? The principles that I will reveal to you on how to create the best content for Facebook , I found them in an ancient cave written in the stone itself. Then get ready, because we will give something to talk about; after today, social networks will no longer be the same.Engagement
What is it?Have you already heard of this concept? In uae top numbers, it is the energy in your favor that is generated when your audience commits to your proposal. It is a discovery that, like the wheel, had an energy revolution; That means: more productivity with less effort, it is like finding the philosopher’s stone that transforms lead into gold.The second wheel?The wheel is great because when it turns it processes the energy of the own weight of what it carries and, in this way, resolves the contradiction and produces forward momentum. In speed, the load loses weight and becomes a motor, which is why the wheel changed the world. That seen from the humble plane of physical laws.Let’s see it, now, on the internet side, engagement is a loyalty drive that produces an energy of tens, hundreds, or perhaps millions of users, who are proactively involved, in favor of your brand or site, in favor of of your business.
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First of all, because it works and produces for you for free. And also because it is one of the main criteria of the facebook algorithm . It is the theme of the fantastic virtual world, the largest content exchange venture, which,  gulf email list paradoxically, does not produce content, it simply stimulates it, hosts it and facilitates its exchange, cataloging and opinions about itUsers produce content for Facebook in a production dynamic that would not be achieved with salaried employees. We spend more hours working for Facebook than we do for ourselves. That’s why the more engagement the better, since it means that the content is good and that it is both rolling and provoking actionsAs measuredVery easy, due to four main criteria that are very easy to quantify.The number of times a post is sharedThe amount of “likes” you receive,
For the amount of comments,
By the number of clicks on the links.
It is all we need to know, to start our strategy. Let’s consult our millennial book to see what it tells usGolden rule of engagemenLearn to think like the other: we move in a universe of wills at the speed of thought, coexisting with millions of parallel and synchronized virtual universes, but also each with a unique and individual journey. It is not necessary that any criterion prevail, all contribute something and can coexist. All sailors are looking for something we want to commit toSilver rule of engagement
Always tell a story: Telling stories is one of the oldest instincts of man, it is a creative effort to explain a situation or understand an event. When we tell a story we create points of identification that capture attention and promote communication.The decalogue of engagement
1 – Create your PersonThe golden rule gives you wisdom and understanding, the silver rule opens the paths of communication, the decalogue has to do with results.

Don’t start in the middle or end: build your Buyer Persona first . If you want results, trust her like a navigator trusts a compass on a stormy night. The Person is the one with the treasure map.- Define your style
To have engagement you have to know how to be expected and to be expected you have to know how to be predictable. If we vary a lot and constantly our style, we will not be recognized, and the idea is quite the opposite. So, look for your style, your voice , your brand as an artist. There is something that makes you special, that something is interesting, the rest is more of the same.- Listen to the teachers
One of the resources that most provoke adherence and desire to interact are the phrases or quotes of great thinkers. The important thing is to stand out from the pile of phrases that circulate all day. Beware of those hateful posts that take any phrase and put the name of a famous writer below.When we talk about citations we must always think about the Authority metric, if we quote phrases and place an author who is not, we will lose credibility. Study the masters of literature and make your own collection of phrases.Would you like to know some of the ones that we use? Login here! Why?
Curiosity is a great human characteristic, a motivator, it generates an intellectual challenge, many of the Internet users are bored looking for something that provokes them.So feel free to find ways to stimulate the desire to uncover some hidden secret. The wait, the unknown, the mystery: give them excitement, give them suspense; don’t give them answers, ask them questions- 80/20 disambiguation – Paretto’s no law
There is a law called Paretto that talks about a 20/80 and there is another law, which I don’t know whose it is (if you know, please tell me) that talks about an 80/20.Paretto’s says that 20% energy causes 80% results; Bravo! Very good Paretto !, but that is not what we want to talk aboutIt belongs to the other, the one we do not know whose it is; That anonymous law says very wisely: when you carry out a campaign on social networks, 80% of what interests the user and only 20% of you speak – Facilitates
This rule is very simple, do not confuse style with complication. We have to know that whoever sees our publications already comes at a certain speed of thought. You have probably visited other sites, let’s say that browsing the internet sometimes speeds up a bit, one more letter can make us lose our timing . Everyone walks very fast, seeks to be understood with agility by the law of art: simple and universal.

Participate in the universe
If you are into dancing, you have to dance and to be successful on social networks you have to like their languages. Therefore, demand yourself but do not be demanding with others, that is the secret, that is the challenge, that is what is easy to say and difficult to do. The famous MEMES, for example, sometimes it is sad to see so much content without quality, but one that is incredible always appears. Try to post the awesome meme. And if you see it, share it, without fear; although of course, if it has to do with your business and communication style. Life is movement
Follow the natural laws to understand the flow of energy, everything hangs by a thread, everything can change suddenly, so make change a characteristic. Plan the diversity of formats . Using techniques does not mean losing your naturalness, the more you plan the diversity of content formats, the better you will work. Remember that the function of the plan is to enable quality.- Opinion – what nobody wants to receive and everyone wants to giveEveryone wants to have an opinion, that’s a rule. Interactivity is basically commenting and commenting on everything. Posts that ask for opinions are generally received with enthusiasm and, while we have to admit that they are not as shared by users, they generate many more comments.The theme is to give space for opinion, motivate differences, keep control of the page and do not forget to mediate with justice all the debates that take place. – Tips – nothing better than being useful
And finally, something that everyone needs, good advice. There are countless topics to give advice, it can be about eating habits or about shows to see. For that you have to study the Person , in it you will find the common needs of your audience and you will be able to create more appropriate content providing solutions for day-to-day situationsWe come to the end, I hope these millenary tips guide you on this journey to create the best content, you have a lot of work ahead of you, but always remember the old friend editorial calendar to preserve quality and not wear yourself out.A Facebook campaign will take weeks, therefore, start gathering material as soon as possible. Plan the shots and do not forget that at any time of the trip, if you need anything, we will be here. Good content!

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