What, why and how to do content marketing to attract potential customers

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What, why and how to do content marketing to attract potential customers

One of the main pains of companies is attracting potential customers and content call list of mobile number is a powerful strategy that will allow you to attract them with acquisition costs surely much lower than other strategies.
Have you ever wondered what would happen to your company if the way you get leads depends on a large percentage of your paid ads?Imagine for a moment that someone from your company forgets to play the ads on Friday at 5 pm, Monday is a holiday and they return to the office on Tuesday with 0 records, calls, emails or WhatsApp from potential clients.
Terrifying, right?
Well, the goal today is that you can learn how content marketing can be a very good option to attract potential customers and confirm that the only way out is not with paid ads.
So let’s get started and make it real!
What is content marketing?
Content marketing is a strategy that allows you to create, design, publish and share content of interest to your target audience (Buyer persona) for a specific purpose.
That specific purpose can be: Generate more visits to your website, educate your audience on relevant topics in your industry, generate potential customers for your sales area, among others through content types such as:


Increase in traffic on your website.
Knowledge of your brand, since you are educating your audience and you may be becoming a  gulf email list reference of the subject or of your industry.Increased engagement, that is, a much closer interaction relationship with your audience.
Without a doubt, it becomes a channel for acquiring prospects who can become potential customers.
Reduces the cost of customer acquisition.
And the jewel in the crown: Content marketing works 24/7 for you and does not depend on the space you have available on your credit card. Neil Patel , one of the biggest influencers in digital marketing, shares the following proven statistics to help us visualize the results when implementing content marketing:
82% of marketers who blog see a positive ROI from their inbound marketing.”
“Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times more leads .”
” Year-on-year growth in unique site traffic is 7.8 times higher for content marketers compared to followers(19.7% vs. 2.5%).”This confirms that there are more ways to attract potential customers in one way: Scalable, with lower costs, with a positive impact on your return on investment and with less dependency than others.How to do content marketing?
Knowing the what and why is the simplest, but now knowing how to do content marketing is the next challenge to achieve those big numbers and take it easy: It is not necessarily for experts!The first and most valuable advice is: Get started! and keep in mind as Voltaire said: “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”The important thing is to take that first step and validate the results that this strategy has in your company and based on that, advance, correct or optimize. But beware, it is not doing to do, it is applying content marketing with a purpose because remember that we must: Create, design, publish and share content to finally measure results.

We have listed the top 4 and most valuable tips for a good start:
Always think that what you are creating is for your buyer persona
He or she has specific pains or concerns and specific information consumption preferences and that is where you should be. In the precise moment!
If you want to create your buyer persona, access the ” Fantastic Buyer Persona Generator ” for free It is a very good exercise to put yourself in “investigator” mode.
Start to see in detail what your competition or your industry is doing and not only nationally but internationally. This reference will help you see: How they do it and how you could do it better.
Determine objectives and make them measurable
Base yourself on creating SMART objectives to be your compass in the production of each content and constantly measure the results to apply corrections, save money and move forward with firm steps. Plan very wellEstablish the action plan and create a first calendar or content grid to define: Content Type, Distribution Channel, Publication Date and Person Responsible for the execution.
We are completely sure that today you confirm that content marketing must undoubtedly be part of your company to attract potential customers.
We invite you to download the complete guide that will allow you to expand information, learn more about tactics and grow.

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