What will be the trends that will determine business intelligence?

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What will be the trends that will determine business intelligence?

Now more than ever, information is power. Data analysis makes it possible to make strategic decisions that guide the company towards its objective and to differentiate itself from the competition. To this end, QlikTech highlights a number of trends that will undoubtedly determine Business Intelligence.
This year we will enter the era of technological Humanization. Technology must conform to our needs, and be integrated into our day-to-day life. For this, its evolution is aimed at adapting to us, in such a way that it constitutes a second skin. Hence the next generation of wearables, which will soon flood our daily routine.
We will need tools that help us store, analyze and manage information, in such a way that the large amount of data recorded is limited as much as possible  jordan telephone directory and evaluation and decision-making tasks are facilitated. In this way we will be able to make effective use of Big Data, and staying out of saturation.The change must take place within the company, and apply in a generalized way to all levels. This awareness must be total, necessary to carry out a comprehensive transformation. This includes the availability of the appropriate tools, and free access to information.


Access to information will be generalized. The organization’s staff is familiar with access to technology and data processing, both professionally and in private use. For this reason, he is fully capable of managing internal Big Data,  gulf email list information that he should access from different media, as well as having a collaborative environment, in order to streamline procedures and optimize decision-making. The analysis and treatment of information has radically changed. There is no use stopping us to report tomorrow something that is happening now. Information management requires an evaluative analysis that allows obtaining conclusions to be applied in real time.
These new possibilities, based on the exploitation of information, allow making strategic decisions that lead companies to differentiate themselves from their competition. Deep data analysis, beyond mere observation, will help to find the keys to reorient the business.The new technological paradigm requires agility and speed when making decisions. The frenetic pace with which information is generated and the speed at which events are unfolding do not give truce. This new scenario requires solutions to the voice of already.


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