What will the new Siri offer that voice assistants from Google and Amazon do not?

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What will the new Siri offer that voice assistants from Google and Amazon do not?

At the time, Siri was the most innovative voice assistant , since it carried out searches in real time and delegated tasks within the Apple operating system , iOS , however, over time the voice assistants of Google and Amazon emerged , which they improved those tasks and even added new elements. In addition, for months there was a rumor that Apple was working Jamaica Mobile Number List on improvements for Siri , since the company even acquired the startup Lattice Data , for 200 million dollars, where Apple was looking for the new voice assistant to have 3D sound functions. , that is, from complex explanations in simple language, as if it were “sound graphics”. Jamaica Mobile Number List

At its WWDC 2017 event, Apple noted that Siri will now translate various languages ​​in real time. It will be a new interface that will show multiple results and will have a “more natural” pronunciation , that is, it will no longer be the robot voice. According to Apple, the notifications will be in real time, they will translate and notify in various languages, such as a sound Brother Cell Phone List mosaic, or results in search engines and apps , according to user searches. Initially, the feature will be available in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.In addition, Siri will be able to manage and control third-party applications, such as Netflix , Spotify, Facebook and perform tasks on demand, in such a way that it will seek to anticipate the user, in order to better understand the contexts. The new Siri consists of a complex Artificial Intelligence system that Google and Amazon do not have advanced, which allow functions in their applications and search results in the case of the search engine.

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