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User doubts about this new privacy policy have been increasing since its announcement in early 2021. The massive migration of users to other messaging platforms is one of the main consequences of the notice of new changes china phone numbers sms  in the policy privacy of WhatsApp. The WhatsApp platform announced earlier this year the important changes it will implement to its services through a statement. These new privacy terms would take effect from February 8.
In recent weeks, disinformation has raised great fear among the millions of registered users on this platform. The concern lies in whether these new terms mean the complete accessibility of the social network Facebook to the contacts, personal data and conversation that are carried on WhatsApp. At the time of making this series of changes public, it was understood “by obligatory” to accept the new privacy policy in order to continue using the application. This has caused great annoyance to millions of users. In fact, it has sparked the largest digital migration in history.

In this sense, messaging platforms such as Telegram have been favored by the so-called digital migration, reaching more than 500 million users in just a few hours. Signal is another messenger that has benefited from the new WhatsApp privacy policyWhat are the new WhatsApp terms about?
Basically, the new update announces the future link that will exist between WhatsApp and Facebook. In it, WhatsApp will provide its database of users to Facebook. According to the company owned by Mark Zuckerberg, this update is made in order to improve the buying and selling service, making it possible for businesses to use Facebook to host their services and manage their conversations on WhatsApp.

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The phone number and the basic information of the profile, as well as the location of the device, contacts and payment information are some of the main data that the gulf email list  update requires. These data, according to WhatsApp, are required to provide, improve, personalize, support and promote their services.Also, this update is intended to improve the experience of companies that want to use its services. This company is betting on purchases through its services, which would increase in the near future thanks to the link between its platforms.WhatsApp announced the delay of changes to its privacy policyLast Friday, January 15, WhatsApp made public a statement which explained the delay of the new privacy policy due to the multiple confusions that have arisen.

According to the company owned by Mark Zuckerberg, the delay of the new privacy policy to misinformation that reigns among its millions of users. “Because of so much misinformation that has raised concern, we want to help people understand our principles,” the company stated.The purpose of this delay is to clear up all the confusion and anguish related to the new privacy policies. The company, in an attempt to reassure its users, offered details on the main privacy questions of this update. Will WhatsApp have access to my personal content?The answer is no. User calls, data and conversations will remain completely private. Conversations continue to have end-to-end encryption, so it is impossible for WhatsApp or any linked service to have access to that content.The company stressed that the new policy would not affect users at all, aiming at the development and expansion of companies linked to Facebook.
People’s preferences as well as their most followed topics if it will be necessary to make it easier for companies to carry out their advertising activities. This will achieve the correct approach of the companies based on the tastes of the clients.
This controversy in relation to the new privacy policy has forced the update date to be delayed until May 15. Clarifying doubts will be the company’s objective in the face of the loss of millions of users. However, this messaging platform stressed that they will not suspend accounts on February 8.
It is important to note that none of these changes will affect European users, since WhatsApp has a sub-company only for European countries. By having separate companies, the agreements and conditions are very different from those of the rest of the world, agreements that are also approved by the European Union.

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