Who Said Print Advertising Died? 15 examples that prove otherwise

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Who Said Print Advertising Died? 15 examples that prove otherwise

Living in a world increasingly full of digital tools, social networks and even online media, many think that there is no space or place for print advertising. Is it true?
Of course not.I am still Iran Phone Number List  reading magazines with the same passion as I did years ago and I always hope to find print advertisements that catch my eye.
Browsing the Canva tool blog, which I talked about earlier in my article about 5 tools that every community manager should know , I came across a list of 50 examples of print advertising that I really loved.I recommend you visit their article, but if you want to know which examples of print advertising I liked the most, I invite you to continue reading this article.
Next I am going to show you 15 examples of print advertising and what we can learn from each of them.
They are ready?
Many times we think that print advertising should use a single page because the famous center fold of magazines will end up ruining the design. Well, it is partly true, but also with a little creativity you can achieve a more than interesting visual effect.
15 examples of print advertising
Image: Canva2 – PLAY WITH COLOR

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Color is a very important  element in our lives because it often represents certain associations that we make. For that reason it is always good to know how gulf email list  to choose a good color palette or even understand that color can even be used to attract attention.
Such is the case of this dental aesthetic center, which rather used the lack of color to reflect its message: “We like white more than yellow”15 examples of print advertising 2Image: Canva3 – USE METAPHORSOne of the most used resources in advertising are metaphors, that way of saying something, but in a different way. Advertising often becomes too informative without taking the viewer’s mind to another level. In this print ad example, it is clear that without ketchup, food appears to be tasteless.

15 examples of print advertising 3 Image: Canva
4 – USE HUMOR:Without a doubt, another element that generates the most effects in advertising is humor. And print advertising doesn’t have to be left behind. In this case both elements, humor and a metaphor are used to explain that without the correct fabric softener, our clothes are as tough as Rambo.15 examples of print advertising 4
Many times when advertising companies create messages so full of information and elaborate when trying to explain themselves that in the end they end up achieving the opposite. Everything remains in an advertisement full of messages and elements, without being able to highlight something in particular.
Using symbols, icons or elements that are easily recognizable is a very good idea to make a print advertisement really eye-catching.
15 examples of print advertising 5
Image: Canva
Returning again to the issue of making print advertisements heavily loaded with messages, many times saying nothing (verbatim) has a much more effective effect than having filled the art of paragraphs, texts, headlines, subtitles and others. It never hurts to remember that many times less is more.
15 examples of print advertising 6
Just as taking care of the visual elements within a print advertisement is important, knowing how to play with typography is also important. Beyond choosing the typefaces according to the style, at this point I mean knowing how to play with one of them as in the case of Nescafé.
15 examples of print advertising 7
Image: Canva
Continuing with the resources used in advertising, a good way to revitalize a print advertising is through the use of exaggerations that highlight some benefit of the product or service that is presented. In the following example, it is demonstrated how this can be achieved and without needing to say that it is “Super absorbent”

Obviously, one of the most interesting ways to make a print advertisement attractive is to use visual effects that attract attention. There is no doubt that this type of advertising by generating a situation that is often unlikely or even different, manages to capture people’s attention.
15 examples of print advertising 9
Although it is not easy to get an ad to have a smell or taste since you should resort to advertising techniques that are not so available to every company, playing with the senses especially through the use of textures is something that can turn a simple notice into a Pretty eye-catching print advertising. I think it is not necessary to explain the tea that is seen below what flavor it is.
15 examples of print advertising 10
Image: Canva11 – USE COMPARISONSHuman beings often tend to compare things and it is for this reason that a print advertisement that uses comparison as a resource can really generate an interesting wake-up call. In the long run, comparing something graphically helps us to explain without having to say or rather write, not a single word.
15 examples of print advertising 11
Another example that shows that print advertising is not dead is playing with perceptions as the McDonald’s hamburger company does in this case to greet parents in their day. I think I’m not the only one who sees a balding head instead of a hamburger, right?

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