Why are Silicon Valley billionaires buying land for a virtual apocalypse?

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Why are Silicon Valley billionaires buying land for a virtual apocalypse?

Recently, Business Insider reported that the territory where Silicon Valley is located, which includes companies such as Twitter, Adobe, Cisco, Google, Electronic Arts, Oracle, Symantec, Tesla, Intel, Ebay, Facebook and PayPal already has a real estate value of two $ 1.8 billion. According to The New Yorker, more than 50 percent of Silicon Valley billionaires Bahamas Mobile Number List bought land in order to prepare for a hypothetical apocalyptic scenario, such as an epidemic, nuclear war or a pole shift.Bahamas Mobile Number List

The co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, referred that many billionaires bought more than one underground bunker ”, in areas of Central and South America, in areas where the climate is mild, that is, places conducive to survival scenarios, with agriculture and fertile land. In the Brother Cell Phone List United States, states such as Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, among others, have several shelters reinforced with steel and concrete, which have the facade of apparent vacation homes of millionaires.

According to Hoffman, some Silicon Valley millionaires even have private jets “ready to fly anytime,” as well as motorcycles, guns and generators. It is certainly a version that was not accepted by any millionaire. However, among the wealthy mentioned are John Malone, a millionaire in the area of ​​telecommunications and pay television, the media mogul, Ted Turner , the millionaire of the oil and rail industry, Philip Anschutz , the tycoon real estate, David Hall , among others.

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