Why does an influencer’s complaint carry more weight than that of the average user? Niño de Rivera case

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Why does an influencer’s complaint carry more weight than that of the average user? Niño de Rivera case

The appearance of Influencers in the digital conversation in Mexico has generated an immediate response effect , in terms of issues involving the government, due to the audience they gather on digital platforms or in the media. In a recent case, the complaint of the Mexican comedian, Sofía Niño de Rivera, about the consumption of cigars by the communicator Germany Mobile Number List Martha Debayle in the radio booth during the transmissions of her program on the W-Radio network , caused the Mexican authorities will initiate an investigation through the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris). However, the Cofepris resolution was that W Radio “did not find the smell of tobacco or cigarette butts, for which there will be no sanction,” the newspaper Reforma reported on Wednesday. Germany Mobile Number List

Merca 2.0 sought an interview with the authorities of the federal agency; however, they did not issue any response. After knowing the information on the subject, Niño de Rivera, criticized Cofepris through Instagram: “They went to look for cigarette butts and the smell of cigarettes in a place that knew that COFEPRIS was going to look for that. Bravo. I mean, the YouTube videos where he goes out smoking are not enough, they have to use their latest model ‘monitors’. Anyone with money to get away with it in this country? How strange! ”, He indicated. The publication has about 6,300 likes and hundreds of comments that range from congratulations for denouncing Debayle, to insults against the naturalized Mexican driver. The effect of Niño de Rivera denouncing an illegal act allowed for a prompt response by the Mexican authorities.

Article 10 subsection I of the Law for the Protection of Health of Non-Smokers, prohibits smoking in all closed spaces accessible to the public such as offices, commercial establishments, industries and companies. For W-Radio it would generate a fine of 126 to 350 times the minimum wage, that is, up to 28 thousand pesos. While, for Martha Debayle the penalty would be equivalent to 10 to 30 times the minimum wage, that is, up to 2,400 pesos. For its part, Televisa Radio issued the following statement: “It is strictly forbidden to smoke in any area of ​​the Televisa Radio facilities, including the gardens. People who do not comply with this order will be sanctioned, according to the Brother Cell Phone List merit of the offense ”. Of every 10 complaints that are issued on social networks before Cofepris, three have to do with violations of the Law for the Protection of the Health of Non-Smokers ; however, the responses of the agency are subject to automatic messages of “We have taken your complaint” and the inspections of the reported places are not seen immediately or in some cases, nor are they made.

The lesson left by the positioning of Sofía Niño de Rivera, who is a publicist by profession, is that the problem of omission by the authorities will be related to the penetration or level of reach you have with the audiences. The comedian has 440,000 followers on Facebook, 250,000 followers on Twitter and 203,000 followers on Instagram; in addition to having its own website and 204 thousand subscriptions on its YouTube channel. These numbers have also allowed her to participate as an image and creative in campaigns with brands such as Uber, Nike, Nescafé, Baileys, among others. In addition to participating in forums on freedom of expression and the internet with NGOs and the Presidency of the Republic.

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