Why is it important to edit the Meta Description of your website’s pages and posts

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Why is it important to edit the Meta Description of your website’s pages and posts

Therefore, after the search tools stopped analyzing the meta description as one of the important elements to determine the ranking of websites for a certain keyword, many people stopped evaluating this item, ignoring it and not writing it correctly.
There are, however, some  dubai mobile number list very important benefits to using the meta description . By putting it aside, your company may be missing out on many clicks and visits opportunities.
The current role of the Meta Description
The meta description plays a huge role in two of the biggest sources of traffic for most websites: search tools and social media.Search tools
In search tools, even those that do not count as a ranking factor, the content of the meta description appears on the results page as a summary immediately below the page title. Thus, a website that is in a worse position can still win the click if its description is more attractive. Which of the two results below seems to attract your attention the most?Another relevant item is that if the searched keyword appears throughout the description, it appears in bold, thus gaining greater prominence and increasing the chance of the click:

Observation: in the vast majority of cases, Google uses the meta description in the results page, but there is no obligation to do so. Occasionally the search engine itself chooses some other path on the page and displays it as a summary.Some of the main networks, such as Facebook, Linkedin and Google+, offer a snippet of the page highlighting the content a little better.By default, what appears in all three networks is the meta description . Look at the examples below:
However, if your company uses the WordPress platform, there are plug-ins such as All-in-one SEO that facilitate editing for those who do not have technical knowledge.In addition to talking about the application, some observations are also important to choose what will be written in the description:
Google cuts the meta description close to 160 characters. The text needs to be smaller than that to appear correctly.Very short descriptions do not usually work well, as they appear to be incomplete.

UAE-Phone-Number-List (1)

Search for something objective and interesting
Occasionally we see some non-objective descriptions, which do not say exactly what the visitor gulf email list  will find on the page.Another mistake is not trying hard to create attractive text. Descriptions such as “This is a page about marketing” should not work well: you need to arouse curiosity or show that you solve a problem.Remember to also use the important keywords on the page, since they will be in bold when they appear as a search resulUse calls-to-action
It is always positive to clearly indicate to the visitor what your company wants them to do. “Click and read more” is an example of call-to-action that applies to the situation.

Even in the case that in Adwords the descriptive text is smaller (two lines of 35 characters), it is possible to do a test of which are the most relevant points for visitors and, later, to better elaborate those items in the meta descriptionWhere to start
Ideally, all new pages should have their description once published. However, this does not usually happen and, in most cases, a retroactive reformulation of these texts is necessary in the pages that already exist on the website.To discover where it is worth concentrating, our recommendation is to analyze which are the most visited pages originating from the websites where meta description is important: Google, Facebook, Google Plus and Linkedin.This can be done in Analytics, analyzing the “content” tab and stipulating “origin” as a secondary dimension:Facebook Insights for websites, indicates the contents of the website with the most “likes” on Facebook.
Another very useful tool is Google Webmaster Tools . In the tab “traffic”, there are the “activities” in “report of +1 marks”. With this item it is possible to see which pages were shared in Google Plus.
That same “traffic” tab also has the “search queries” option, which indicates the times your website appeared in search results. Many appearances and few clicks can indicate opportunity for improvements in the meta description .
Regardless of the results of those searches, we recommend reviewing pages that are clearly important to your company: Home, product pages, and blog home page.

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