Why is it so urgent to switch to a recurring billing model?

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Why is it so urgent to switch to a recurring billing model?

n a context in which customers are more demanding, it is necessary to understand what you should do differently when approaching and establishing a value proposition. And, to start a relationship that benefits both clients and the agency, a recurring billing model can be a great alternative. available phone numbers australia In this post, you will be able to learn more about this model, as well as learn why it is important that you implement it in your agencyWhat is recurring billingFirst of all, we must understand a concept, that of recurring billing.
Also known as the subscription model, recurring billing is based on the sale of products that are paid at a predetermined frequency, generally per month, over a period of time. Membership is usually simple and some services do not charge a cancellation penalty.
Many of the most widely used services today, such as Spotify and Netflix, use the recurring billing model.Area in which the company operatesNumber of employees
Company website *Why would the recurring billing model be important to me?
If it is still not clear to you why you should establish contracts of longer duration than a simple campaign, we will explain it in this post.The first reason is the most obvious: when we establish contracts of medium (six months, at least) to long duration (we have closed 2-year contracts with clear expectations) we have predictability in billing.I know I am already sure, about how much and when I will receive for a service in the coming months, I can organize myself financially, plan and adjust cash flow and make better decisions about investments.As investments, we can think of the internalization of a service that is normally outsourced to freelancers (web development, content production , etc.), in the expansion of the team, the hiring of a specialist, and even in the purchase of fun things that they make the day to day of the agency more pleasant.Whatever it is, it is important that the first to perceive people, structure and time as more of an investment will be you. The notion of commitment to the result and return on investment is what governs the relationship with the contractor, right? It is by living that reality that you will understand how much your client needs to absorb that same perspective when thinking of you.From the moment that “thinking of you” means feeding a medium and long-term vision, the possibility of having a closer conversation opens up based on building trust.


It is from this point of view that we have a solid foundation to build a deeper value proposition, which takes into account a well-made diagnosis, establishes a  gulf email list  path for the future and defines the criteria of success for the application of your work.Different from just delivering the work, selling the result leaves you as an accomplice of the strategy and hostage (along with the client) of the results. With good preparation and aligning expectations, it will be easier to renew the contract, reducing CAC (customer acquisition cost) and prolonging the relationship.At the same time, as time goes by in this context of integration between the agency and the client, gradual changes will occur in the relationship. A joint and constantly reviewed work will lead to learning and better tactical and strategic decisions, based on data and experience and not on assumptions.Increased transparency and trust become natural consequences and end up leading to satisfaction and future recommendations.If your commitment and level of relationship with your client are limited to the job for which you were hired, it is entirely up to the client to perceive or decide if your service is having the desired result. Truth?The idea is that, with the offer of integrated service packages, you can establish schedules that build the foundation of Digital Marketing for the few and meet the objectives established for the work.At the same time that the most immediate objectives are achieved, it is possible to establish structures and routines that guarantee the continuous improvement of the digital presence and the relationship with the Leads base of your client. Thus, you guarantee the permanence of the client – not by means of the obligation in the contracts, but by the constant and growing results – and long-term contracts.


Now, with your team acting on service packages, standardized processes, knowledge being used and methodology being replicated, it is possible to quickly observe the evolution of knowledge and productive capacity.The math is simple: more team training = more results. More results generate more job satisfaction, greater client retention, greater learning diversity, and lower cost of operation for the agency.
It is even possible to grow through the training of new officials, based on the knowledge built by the original team. You will be able to develop leaders, expanding the impact of the knowledge acquired. Your marketing department ( you have one, right? ) Can position the agency itself as an authority, use the knowledge in the same content marketing to generate new business opportunities.It is not difficult to imagine such a scenario. A simple change in the commercial positioning, the structure of the service offer can generate a completely different context for your business, relying on the solutions of the greatest challenges that digital agencies face.

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