Why should you forget about the 4Ps of marketing and switch to the 4C?

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Why should you forget about the 4Ps of marketing and switch to the 4C?

A few years ago, a client called me to ask me for advice in relation to putting together a business plan for his company, particularly his question was in relation to the famous 4Ps of marketing, those that were conceived in 1960 by Jerome McArthy ( To which Kotler has already attributed a definition)
My advice at the time was automatic. I told:
And that is exactly what I am going to talk about today.
I clarify that there is a lot of controversy on the internet about whether it was McArthy or Kloter who spoke first about the 4Ps of marketing, whether or not the 4Cs are the evolution of the 4Ps, which are actually 5C and not 4C. I will simply comment that this is the model that I like, that I have used and that what is written here is my point of view.So now you know, what you will read next is one more of the possibilities that are seen in this exciting world that we call “Marketing”
Table of contents [ Show ]WHY DOES THIS ARTICLE ARISE?
A few days ago while teaching a social media workshop, I found that several students from careers such as marketing, advertising and communication, had never heard of the 4Cs of marketing. Rather, they had never been told there was anything beyond the McArthy / Kotler 4Ps.

I must confess, I believe that both professionals, regardless of who created the concept or expanded it, were great professionals, but that model that was developed back in 1960 has now become obsolete. It has been more than 50 years since he spoke about the 4Ps of marketing and in that period of time many things changeSo let’s start by explaining some important things.
More than 50 years ago things were very different, companies were taking advantage of certain moments in the market that were very particular and consumers were a kind of guinea pig who wanted to try everything and all communication caught their attention.Years ago, families got together to listen to the radio or watch television; Today, hopefully, they spend more than 15 minutes at the table at dinner time, while using their smartphones and tablets without having to see each other’s faces.
In short, the most important thing of all is that the consumer has changed and changed a lot in 50 years. And if the consumer changed, it is very likely that the 4Ps of Marketing have also changed.WHAT ARE THE 4Cs OF MARKETING?
The first time that the 4Cs were heard was in 1990 from Robert Lauterborn (Professor of Advertising at the University of North Carolina) and there are even several articles and authors who say that Kotler has a great acceptance for this new approach.But most important of all is the approach that the 4Cs make in some ways against the 4Ps of marketing.Four PThe famous 4Ps of marketing from my point of view, showed a vision more focused on the company than on the customer. Basically the 4Ps of marketing are based on:Product: Define those products or services that a brand was going to offer to a market.

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Price: Define the value of the product or service based on the benefits that both the  gulf email list consumer and the company received in each purchase and sale operation.
Place: The capacity that the company will have to deliver and arrange a product or service.
Promotion: What channels will the company use to publicize its product or service.
Definition more, definition less, many texts and articles always describe the 4Ps of marketing from the point of view of the company, its capacity and its situation. Basically I see it as actions in which we first see within the company, to see what we are going to do.It seems to me something totally valid, but the new times require perhaps to change the focus from the inside out, to do it the other way around, from the outside and inside.WHY DO I LIKE THE 4C OF MARKETING INSTEAD OF THE 4P?
First we must clarify what we mean when we talk about the 4Cs of marketing. In the following image you can see how each term of the 4Ps of marketing has been replaced by one of the 4Cs:Basically the 4Cs of marketing refer to the following:icon-product-client-mclanfranconiConsumer (Instead of product): Modern marketing is focused on studying the needs of the consumer and not on the product. Anything that is produced is no longer sold but is produced and sold, that which really satisfies a need.icon-price-cost-mclanfranconiCost (Instead of price): The cost is related to the monetary cost that it costs a consumer to satisfy a need or desire.


Consumers now battle not for low prices, but for better cost. And when it comes to cost, it does not refer to price, but to the effort that the consumer generates to obtain what they want.Icon-square-convenience-mclanfranconiConvenience (Instead of plaza): It is to establish a route or a distribution system according to the places that are most convenient for customers. Basically it is about making the power to acquire a product or service, something accessible and comfortable for the consumer.
communication-promotion-icon-mclanfranconiCommunication (instead of promotion): Basically it is to create a communication in tune with the study of consumers. It is not more about making messages from the brand but rather towards the consumer and what can attract them.
Thus, from my point of view (and as can be seen in the following image) the famous 4Ps of marketing are more based on the company and the 4Cs of consumer marketing.
Four P’s against the four C’sIn this new era, it is fundamentally to analyze our consumers in a deeper way than to just analyze the company.This is how I like them and I stick with the 4C, because in the long run, it is consumers now who are influencing the life of companies and not the other way around as happened before.

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