Why should your agency structure a commercial area

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Why should your agency structure a commercial area

The business model of agencies focused on offline actions is made up especially of the following pillars: service, planning, creation and media.As Rafael Rez says , all costs are concentrated in the first three. The average was always responsible for generating income in traditional agencies – such as the remuneration on the vehicle bonus, called BV, a commission of 20%.However, as we already said here on our blog, a change occurred in the buying process and people are much more focused on digital mediaAlthough investment in digital media is lower when we talk about traditional media, there is a lot of demand for the supply of digital services. In other words, the market is increasingly asking for agencies that offer good services. And so a great opportunity arises for your business!
To stand out in the increasingly demanding market, agencies need to offer increasingly delivery-based services focused on understanding the customer’s problem by offering results-based solutions such as lead generation and sales .
But… and what does the structure of the commercial area have to do with it?
As is normal in any of the SMEs, the entrepreneur is often always overloaded, with functions of attention, commercial, administrative, financial management, creation, etc.


To compound the situation, most still survive through the famous indications of their services by other clients.It is unquestionable that the contract closing model based on word of mouth recommendations has a high degree of efficiency, but it is extremely risky to rely on exclusively from that channel.

First, because there is no predictability of income, since it is impossible to make any forecast that if in a given month there will be X recommendations or sales.And secondly, that model tends to be successful when the economy is booming and there are companies willing to invest. At the moment in which the crisis arrives it is common to see how the indications disappear.And there begins a great vicious cycle:
Loss of incomeLayoffsRotation of demotivated employees
Concentration of services and high workload in few
Lack of focus and creativity to propose solutions
And, in the most serious cases, bankruptcy….
And how can the agency really become a customer acquisition machine and take advantage of market demand?Here at RD Station we teach hundreds of partners on a daily basis that for there to be safe and sustainable growth, it is necessary to have 3 main characteristics: be predictable, scalable and profitable .Based on this, we defend that every company, to become a growth machine, has to be based on the 3 main elementsInbound Marketing or attraction marketing turns your site into a scalable channel to attract potential Leads making them advance throughout the purchase process, until they become a customer, your company being seen as an authority in the area.

Through the Inbound Sales methodology, your agency contacts qualified leads and offers them solutions-based services for the problems they are facing.
And in the end, the Customer Success area (or customer success) aims to retain them and offer them moreand more services and solutions. After all, acquiring a new customer can cost 7 times more than retaining a current one, according to market indications.Main benefits with the structure of a commercial areaThrough a good structure of the commercial area you will have several benefits:
Team management (both in the customer acquisition front, as well as in the expansion of post-sales services): this work will be better used with the adoption of a CRM tool.
Scalability: having people dedicated to sales who contribute to the growth of the agency, since it allows us to focus on the conquest of new clients.
Predictability of new income: it becomes possible from the moment in which commercial goals arise.
Opening more acquisition channels : it allows us not to depend on indications to obtain income with new businesses.Team motivation: to each new client, new challenges, new projects, more learning and commitment.Investment in the team: and as a result, more clients and more income, more training of the team.Culture focused on results : Your team will begin to have more and more concern with the success of the client, this being the main objective of the agency.
Dream and fly higher and higher.And then, did you understand why your agency needs to have well-structured sales processes?In this post, I showed you why that is important, but here are some reading suggestions below so that you can put that learning into practice.

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