Why use quality photos in digital marketing

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Why use quality photos in digital marketing

An image can synthesize, in a microsecond, what thousands of words could not transmit even to the most intelligent person on the planet in an entire hour, and  all india mobile number database that is why, today, the use of a good photo to advertise online.According to social media specialists, there are several details to using quality photos in digital marketing:
On Instagram and Facebook, a text + a photo achieves many more interactions than a text alone.
On Twitter, a tweet that includes an image doubles your chances of being retweeted.
An article in a blog always gets more readings by including photos that make the concept that the author tries to convey to his readers clearer.
These facts allow us to clearly understand that, if the objective is to reach more people, the simplest, fastest and most effective way to achieve it is by placing attractive images that immediately generate interest in the public.What many entrepreneurs do not take into account (and this directly affects their sales) is that it is not enough to include photos to add buyers, it is necessary that the images that they include in their portals, web pages and social networks are QUALITY images.

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Why? For a simple reason: as we said, an attractive image allows the customer to immediately convey the desire to purchase this or that product while an “ugly” image has exactly the opposite effect.
For example: if I want to sell a car but I upload a photo where the model is barely visible, it is not clear if the bodywork is in good condition or not and the lighting is bad, I will scare away customers instead of attracting them.Now, if I choose an attractive image, taken at the right angle, in good light, that presents the vehicle in a seductive way, people will immediately be drawn to it.
That is the reason why the three social networks that give importance to images are gaining strength: Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr.
In short, the quality of the photographs that a company uses to promote its products and services will be decisive in its success or failure: if the images it chooses are unclear, poorly taken and of low quality, customers will feel little appreciated and, obviously, they will end up buying elsewhere; Now, if the images are really seductive, with a really professional finish, buyers will multiply because, as popular wisdom says, an image is worth a thousand words, especially in the interactive times that we have to live.

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