Will Facebook trends be another frustrated attempt to emulate Twitter?

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Will Facebook trends be another frustrated attempt to emulate Twitter?

Facebook has surprised us again with a new functionality on its platform. This time it is a trend section, based on the popular Twitter Trending. In fact, they even coincide on the name.
Therefore, from now on it is possible to know which topics are hitting hard on Facebook, thanks to its “Trending”. At the moment, this option is only available in some countries, such as the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and India, although we will soon be able to enjoy it for other mortals. In addition, only Facebook users will be able to consult this information through the computer. The implementation in the mobile version is still in the testing phase. lebanon mobile number There is no shortage of voices that have already appreciated the usefulness of this section of top trains as an advertising format; as used by Twitter, with good judgment.


This is another approach maneuver by Facebook, in order to integrate the utilities that work so well on Twitter. However, it is obvious that what works gulf email list in some cases does not have to be extrapolated to others. One only has to see the low or no result of the implementation of hashtags on Facebook , also blatantly imported from Twitter in April of this year. Its use has not only failed to increase the interactions or relevance of the content on Facebook, but it could even be counterproductive, as indicated in October by the EdgeRank Checker study, which indicated that publications with hashtags registered a lower reach than those that did not. included this label (0.8% vs 1.3%).The trending topics of Twitter are considered as an index of the daily news. A fact linked to the nature of Twitter, the online broadcast channel par excellence. Thanks to Twitter, in a matter of seconds a news item can go around the world. This is a peculiarity that, unfortunately, Facebook does not have, so that, despite vastly exceeding the number of users of the microblogging platform, its closed nature greatly hinders the virality of the message. In any case, we will give Facebook the opportunity to demonstrate what it is capable of, and we will wait impatiently to see the results of this new commitment to maintain its leadership as a network of networks.

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