That Cheater Will Never

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That Cheater Will Never

Even gas stations have loyalty programs that allow you to save money over time, with the biggest incentives for those who use the brand’s credit card or participate in a grocery store’s loyalty program. You can use this no matter your industry — just find a way to reward your most loyal customers. If you run an ecommerce store, check out this tool that allows you to start a loyalty program on your store.

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This is my favorite type of behavioral segmentation. It really dives deep into marketing psychology and helps you retain customers like it’s going outta style. Assume  you sell coffee on your ecommerce store and you have the greatest beans in the whole wide world. You do some diggin’ Nigeria Phone Number around and find that the MondoSumo size bag of coffee lasts approximately 26 days for households brewed coffee or ice tea if you spend around.

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Let’s also assume that your customers love your coffee (they should), and it’s been 20 days since they bought their last bag of coffee from you. You send them this email: Hey Josh, Hope you enjoyed the last bag of coffee you got from us. It’s been about three weeks since your last order. If you drink coffee as much as we do, you’re probably about to run out. If you’d like another awesome bag o’ coffee from us, here’s a 10% discount code that’s valid for the next 24 hours.

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