Work as a team Is it possible?

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Work as a team Is it possible?

Every time I can in my courses, workshops and conferences, I comment that possibly the last time we were part of a true work team was during our childhood.
And for sure, I must clarify that ” if we were lucky ” we are part of that team.
Let me explain and position you.
In every neighborhood – no matter where or when you were born – there are children willing to play a sudden game of soccer, be it on the street or on a vacant lot. It is precisely there that a key character appears on the scene, who, although far from being a good leader , appropriates authority without waiting for claims or contenders:

With the ball under his arm and his eyes raised, he begins to choose the best members for his team. The best goalkeeper, the best defender, the best striker … well, a great team. And if someone dares to claim him, he strikes him down with the phrase:I TAKE THE BALL”
After a few minutes and about to start the fight, the scenario is as follows.
On the one hand, there is a harmonious team , which complements each other, has a history of success and has a competitive vocation: to win, to achieve its goal.
On the other hand, the last thing that exists is a team . They are the ones that are left over. The ones that nobody chose.
And they have such a losing attitude that the one who enters as an archer comments to his companions in misfortune:
Anyway, something for children, and I think, also something for adults.
Saving distances and years, today, in the business field something very similar happens. Few leaders have been able to put together work teams by choosing their members one by one. And seen from the other side of the mirror, few employees enter a company and find a fantastic team built.

That is why, I reiterate, working as a team is a true feat. It is not that there are no talents to lead them or to be part of the followers. It is that they are teams armed by force or ” because there is no other “.
It would be fantastic, as in  Latvia Phone Number List professional football, one could discard those players who are no longer productive ( because they have decided to stop being productive, are individualists, or do not want to upgrade ), and instead hire brilliant figures , whose passes or hiring, will surely require considerable investments that are not always available.So is it possible to work as a team?
Yes, it costs a lot.
Each person is an unexplored universe, and in more than one case, it is unpredictable. Accepting, understanding and participating in teamwork requires workers with a certain culture of solidarity. Something that is learned at home and not in the classrooms of universities and business schools. It requires a good leader capable of knowing them thoroughly and extracting the best from them without internal friction.
Teamwork needs people who are committed – but really committed – following a goal that benefits everyone, as well as, it needs leaders capable of motivating through word and example, not only through money, bonuses, prizes, and mirrors. and colored necklaces.


Working as a team , today more than ever, in a society that encourages individual success and looks askance at joint achievements, is a real job.
Therefore, be aware that by  gulf email list assembling a human team of talents, you are responsible for the results you obtain through them. Forget the variables of sympathy, beauty and servility when recruiting followers. It’s about hiring people who know more than you do. Let them do – together – what you cannot do alone. That they feel proud of having a decent job and contribute their ideas in a work environment where initiative, innovation and personal improvement are rewarded.
The best work teams that I met throughout my professional career, in addition to the qualities mentioned, had something magical:
A mystique, a creed, unique rules of the game according to the vision and / or mission that the company was pursuing.
Soldiers capable of facing battle. Willing to have casualties, feel the pressure, but to achieve achievable goals, the result of effort, not of inertia or chance. Anyway, sometimes I dream of finding people willing to do all this, but I repeat, it costs.

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