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Within a Digital cold calling in germany strategy, without a doubt, influencers can play a crucial role in achieving the success of a campaign. However, for the use of this very specific element to have the desired effect, a series of very important details must be taken into accountAlthough it is a relatively new figure within the sector, it must be said that within advertising in general, it is not. This is a reality that can be appreciated very well if we pay attention to the definition itself.
And it is that in essence, an influencer , is nothing other than a person with the ability to influence the decision of a user. A capacity for influence that ultimately makes this user end up contracting a certain service or acquiring a product.
Before going into detail, something very important must be said. It may be that your project does not need an influencer to achieve the goals set. Hence the importance of knowing, first of all, if the figure of the influencer can be beneficial, or not, for us.
However, once this reflection has been made, and in the event that we have come to the conclusion that an influencer is going to help us, there is no doubt that we have to take into account some basic details.
Without a doubt, this is the most important aspect of all when we have to talk about an influencer. And it is because the community you have access to must be our target audience.

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It is useless that it has a great gulf email list relevance within a community that is not related to the market niche in which we want to work. For this reason, we will only have to start working with influencers who have a community in which 85%, at least, of their users, are interested in the products or services of our sector.BSERVE THEIR WAY OF BEHAVING WITH THEIR FOLLOWERS
This is a very delicate matter. Each influencer has his personality and we should only pay attention to those who have a philosophy very similar to the values ​​that our brand defends.
Otherwise, it may be the case that over time the values ​​we defend are distorted and our target audience does not understand us when we communicate with them.
Work with influencers STUDY THE CONTENT YOU CREATE
We already know that content within Digital Marketing is of paramount importance. A reality that forces us to study the content of influencers in a very deep way.
When we talk about a study of its content, we are referring to the fact that we have to know how it behaves when the content is a text, how it makes infographics, how it unfolds in images and how it is able to edit videos.A good influencer will be one who has the ability to generate original content, which adds value to the community and is versatile. That way you will not fall into monotony and you will always keep your community on the lookout.
An influencer is not a number of followers. Is much more. That is why we must not make the mistake of attending only to the number of followers you may have. More than anything because these can be inactive users, toxic users and, in the worst case, fake users, which have been acquired through a platform.

This fact means that we do not have to focus so much on quantity but on quality. We will have to know if those users remain active. If those followers that the influencer has participate in their discussions, if they ask questions or if they are constantly interested in the sector to which we belong.
If we internalize these guidelines, we will have many possibilities of being able to count on the collaboration of an influencer who is going to add value to our brand. However, for all that has been exposed in these lines, there is no doubt that considerable time will have to be invested until we find the one with whom we really want to work.

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