Young people also do not want brands to know all their steps in the purchasing process

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Young people also do not want brands to know all their steps in the purchasing process

If we recently talked about the fact that consumers trust brands less and less when it comes to sharing their personal information (Loudhouse and Orange), today the new OpinionLab study indicates that not even the younger  jordan telephone directory online generations are in favor of brands brands know all their steps in the purchasing process.The technological revolution has given way to a generation of permanently connected consumers. This implies that brands are able to find out which products users have shown interest in, which offers are most interesting to them, when and how they buy, among others. Information that is extremely valuable when creating targeted proposals, thereby increasing the conversion rate.
Customers can reluctantly consent that this lamp that would look so good in their living room appears since then on any website they visit, but where they do put the limit is in the fact that brands harass them to offers from the first moment in who step on the store. 88% of customers reject the idea of ​​being tracked via GPS when shopping.This is reflected in the OpinionLab study,



on a sample of 1,024 consumers, where 77% of them were Millennials. Even 44% of  gulf email list  them were less willing to buy in those establishments where they knew for sure that their conduct was going to be registered. This fact only served as an incentive for 8% of the survey participants.Just over 25% of those surveyed showed interest in receiving a personalized experience, in exchange for accessing this monitoring program. Instead, the numbers change when we talk about economic benefits. 6 out of 10 consumers would agree to be tracked in exchange for discounts, while 53% asked for free products.Consumer concern about their privacy has been on the rise in recent years. The Trust Customer Index shows that in the United States 92% of those surveyed openly expressed their concern, 3% more than in the same period of the previous year. Only 55% of consumers admitted that they had full confidence in the company to which they provided their data online, compared to 57% in 2013, or 59% in 2012.The brand trust index is definitely plummeting, on a global scale. In Europe, clients trust 31% less in financial companies, or 26% in telephone companies; as well as internet operators. The sector where users are most suspicious is that of social networks. Their trust index has dropped 46%.
In the era of Big Data, companies are going to have to work hard to win the vote in favor of their customers, and thus be able to improve the customer experience.

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