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Being clear about what you have done your website for, what you hope to get from it, whoexpects to visit it and other basic questions, should determine not only thepositioning strategy, but also the design, the architecture of the sitethe chosen hosting, the strategy marketing in general, and theamount ofeffort and work you will put into building and maintaining the site.Apoor formulation of these questions has caused that more than one large company that
has ventured on the Internet has fallen from the top, so it is not so easy to do itproperly, especially if to make a forecast of the ROI (Return on investment ,that is , the benefits obtained in exchange for the investment) areliable list of india phone numbers study is needed . So, saying that you are going to position your website to get morevisits is simplistic (unlessyou have set up a website exclusively to sell banner impressions).The greatadvantage of search engine marketing is that it allows you to attract qualified traffic. You
offering a certain product or information; what you have to know how to do is attract thatpeople who are looking for it or who may be interested in what it offers.

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So you have to have some knowledge about who those people will be and what they will expect
from your website. For example, let’s say we are going to set up the website of aninterior decoration company . We know that most of the clients of this company want to reform their
kitchen with new furniture. Would it make any sense to prepare the web for the expression
“kitchen furniture”? Maybe we would get many visits, but we would only consume alot of bandwidth and frustrate users who enter this page becauseour company does not market kitchen furniture directly.So ask yourself the following questions:
Who are you addressing? What is your potential audience? What do you know about him?
Are there many or few?
Young or old?Do you think they will be experts in surfing the Internet, or will they be unaccustomed users?
s it aimed preferably at users in a specific geographical area?Answering all of these questions is difficult, but you need to ask yourself and make an
effort to answer them.
When you can answer them, you will find an interesting amount of information that you will
have to learn to translate into search criteria.
If you succeed, you will discover one of the keys to web positioning: keywords.

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