YouTube Shorts, YouTube’s answer to the new ‘snackable’ video trends

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YouTube Shorts, YouTube’s answer to the new ‘snackable’ video trends

The unapologetic freshness with which TikTok is nibbling the audiovisual cake online has set off alarms on YouTube. The great video reference on the denmark cell phone number does not want to be left out of the snackable video trend , and has announced that it is already working on the launch of YouTube Shorts , a feature that will allow users to create and share their own mini-productions in a few seconds of duration combining images, sounds and music. Very much in the style of the recipe that is currently triumphing on TikTok.
How and when will YouTube Shorts come out?
Few details are known -or intuited- yet about the latest project of the platform led by Susan Wojcicki. As revealed by The Information , the great differential value of YouTube Shorts with respect to TikTok will be the access to the wide catalog of YouTube Music themes . In addition, it is likely that Shorts, unlike YouTube Kids , was not born as an app outside of YouTube, but as an integrated functionality .
YouTube plans to launch YouTube Shorts in late 2020 . With permission, of course, from the coronavirus and its unpredictable effects .COVID-19: the consumption of short videos before and during confinement
The short videos were already on the network trend in 2019 and at the beginning of this 2020, but with the imposition of social distancing measures by the crisis of the coronavirus, have consolidated their reign, especially among millennials and the generation Z.

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Young man relaxes watching short videos on the couch
Where does the success  gulf email list  of short videos lie in the online medium? In the first place, that they are easy to consume , in isolation or in a chain, taking advantage of the suggestions of related content or grouped under the same hashtag . You can sneak a peek between homework assignments, or spend idle hours on the couch threading one video through another.Short videos condense your message into a few moments. In general, these are very creative pieces that immediately capture the attention of users and that go viral . In times of confinement, these snackable videos are a safe asset. They have a very addictive character due to the simplicity when consuming them, and because they help us to disconnect from worries thanks to their humorous and inspirational theme .PATRICIA LOZANO , AUDIO, VIDEO & CONNECTED TV SENIOR DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANT AT LABELIUM GROUP
The Global Video Index Q4 2019 Brightcove notes that smartphones account for 55% of online video views , ahead of desktop, tablet and TV devices. It is not surprising, therefore, that the formats designed for small screens, among which short videos stand out, triumph.One of the great successes of TikTok that YouTube Shorts will surely copy are the options for users to create and upload , intuitively and easily, their own videos . This favors the engagement of a community where more and more people make the leap from consumers to producers, becoming prosumers .

TikTok, the rival that everyone (including YouTube, for the moment) envies
All the rankings have TikTok as the undisputed reference in snackable video . Hence, YouTube is thinking of launching YouTube Shorts to compete with a newcomer that has positioned itself as the fourth most downloaded app and the sixth with the highest number of active monthly users worldwide in 2019 , according to the State of Mobile Report 2020 of App Annie . This report highlights that users viewed 68,000 million hours of videos on TikTok worldwide over the past year, a time that has increased by no less than 210% compared to 2018.TikTok feels good about quarantine
More recently, during the weeks in which the confinement has become general, TikTok has established itself within the top 5 in the daily rankings of the most downloaded applications in the United States , Spain, Italy or the United Kingdom that App Annie itself elaborates.Last March, TikTok stood out as the third app (gaming apps apart) in revenue volume worldwide , behind only Tinder and YouTube, according to SensorTower estimates Ranking of apps by revenue volume worldwide by SensorTower, March 2020
Ranking of apps by revenue volume worldwide by SensorTower, March 2020
TikTok is being one of the revelations of the digital universe during the quarantine. It helps citizens to be entertained and to consult service information, and also serves as a platform for brands and organizations to connect in a more human way with their public. An example is the profile of the World Health Organization (WHO) , in which this organization communicates its news through short videos. Another, the #HappyAtHome: LIVE! Program, a series of streaming broadcasts in which well-known characters share knowledge, tricks and exclusive anecdotes.PATRICIA LOZANO , AUDIO, VIDEO & CONNECTED TV SENIOR DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANT AT LABELIUM GROUPWe will still have to wait a few months to know the real design of YouTube Shorts and what its impact will be in the field of snackable video . Meanwhile, do not take your eye off TikTok, because it is likely to provide the odd surprise during this 2020

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