YouTube Video Builder, short videos available to all brands

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YouTube Video Builder, short videos available to all brands

If a few days ago we announced YouTube’s plans to jump on the bandwagon of snackable audiovisual content with Youtube Shorts , today we address the new twist of the screw for the online video giant: the recently released Youtube Video Builder . Still available in beta version, this tool allows brands to edit short videos quickly and without the need for a large deployment of resources. How does YouTube Video Builder workThe requirements to use YouTube Video Builder are basic: organizations must have their own channel on YouTube , have images and logos in acceptable quality to include them in the video and have the danish cell phone companies latest version of the Google Chrome browser . Using still images and music and sound effects available in the YouTube library , brands can create 6, 15 or 16 second long videos easily and free of charge . The editor allows you to choose between different templates that vary depending on the message you want to convey and the objective of the campaign you will be part of. In addition to the images and sound, you can customize the texts, the type of font (among those available in the editor), the order of the elements and the CTAs.

The following video explains the steps to take to edit your videos : YouTube advises that the Video Builder is in beta , so the available options may vary. In any case, in the right corner of the editor it is possible to send feedback or report any problem directly to the YouTube developer team. The great advantage of YouTube Video Builder is that it streamlines the creative process with satisfactory results , something that, given the current situation, many companies need. With movement restrictions and the urgency of communicating new messages, many brands find themselves in a difficult position to create quality videos that they later use in campaigns in the audiovisual environment.This is an example of the type of short videos that can be achieved with the YouTube Video BuilderGood practices for creating effective videos
When using YouTube Video Builder , remember the good practices that Google sets in terms of creating videos . The ABCD mnemonic summarizes the fundamental elements of creative design:

Attract : it should attract attention from the first moment .
Brand : we must take care of the inclusion of the brand . To strengthen the brand recall , it is better to be present in the first seconds, while to achieve the goal of awareness , it may appear a little later.
Connect : now more than ever, it is advisable to seek the connection with the audience through clear messages andsimple storytelling in which the image and the audio go hand in hand.
Direct : the video has to invite the user to action by including a CTA .

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YouTube, a key environment for video campaigns
These types of short videos are perfect for launching direct and very specific messages to an audience that is more involved than ever in their online experience .  gulf email list  For this reason, 81% of video ads on YouTube capture the user’s attention, according to the Google / Ipsos Video Mobile Diary study conducted in the United States. We are facing a very receptive viewer, who actively seeks audiovisual entertainment . The pieces that can be created with the Youtube Video Builder fit perfectly in formats such as bumper ads or TrueView , whose effectiveness is more than proven in campaigns with objectives of the TOFU phase .
PATRICIA LOZANO , AUDIO, VIDEO & CONNECTED TV SENIOR DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANT AT LABELIUM GROUP The forced confinement practically on a global level reinforces a trend that was already growing: the widespread use of Video-on-Demand platforms . The data Statista show that the coronavirus crisis has caused an increase in the consumption of videos on YouTube for more than half of users surveyed in the United States.Thanks to YouTube Video Builder , brands have more facilities at their fingertips to reach an audience that is increasingly hungry for audiovisual content.

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